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  • 20/20 Vision for Implementing a Security Operations Center by Christopher Crowley - November 18, 2020 

    Organizations want to transform the Security Operations Center (SOC) with automation and orchestration. Threat intelligence needs to be ingested, defense expenditures need to be optimized based on attacker tactics and techniques, new technology needs to be implemented, cloud resources and other external resources are taking the place of traditional on-premises systems, and skilled staff are scarce. To accomplish this modernization in stream with existing operations, a clear strategy for the capabilities and implementation is needed. How will you develop this strategic vision? Most organizations will look to the industry standards and reference implementations to determine a strategy before proceeding. This paper and webcast will help you explore what those models are. It will identify and discuss several models of what a SOC is. The relative merits and shortcomings will be identified, and value propositions will be offered. Your strategic outlook and your implementation will be substantially improved as a result.

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