Claire Pater

Claire Pater is a computer forensics, security, and compliance entrepreneur. Her clients cover a broad spectrum from private individuals to large, public multi national entities and covering many industries. Claire's has a strong investigative and consulting background spans the technical array of devices, operating systems, and architectures. She has worked in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Her work has been instrumental in the recovery of financial assets and other relief Court Ordered relief.

More About Claire


Claire has sought opportunities to work with her industry heroes. In pursuit of this quest, Claire has worked in Big 4 Accounting firms, software development companies, law firms, and as a sole practitioner with industry respected mentors. Claires focus has been on honing her skills to prevent, detect, investigate and remediate system events.

Claire has earned an MSc. (Distinct.) in Computer Security and Forensics. In addition, she holds several coveted industry certifications including CISSP and EnCE. Claire is a self confessed certification junkie who is as dedicated to her own professional development in addition to supporting others in this life long journey. As a testament to her dedication, Claire has also obtained a certification in Adult Learning Facilitation to improve her ability to share knowledge and skills.