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Mike Melo: The Case for DSPM vs. CSPM | 17

Cloud Ace • 2023-11-06

Mike Melo, CISO and head of technology at LifeLabs, talks about his approach to innovation and insights on leading cloud security tools.

About Mike Melo

Heavily focused on people and integrity-led progression, Mike Melo is a Senior IT Executive and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with over 15+ years of experience advancing operational efficiencies, cyber indomitability, and overall organizational success. Currently serving as the CISO & VP IT Shared Services for LifeLabs in Canada, Mike holds an extensive background involving agile risk mitigation, post-breach transformation, security architecture, cross-functional technical leadership, regulatory compliance, and the art of developing high-performing team environments that are as positive as they are productive. In addition, he is passionate about not only helping industry leaders rectify security weaknesses while attaining sustainable protection, but doing so in such a way that ultimately propels their competitive capacities and growth initiatives forward. 

Prior to his most recent role overseeing multi-million cybersecurity programs and their implementation across organizational systems, Mike Initially worked as an International Information Security Officer, quickly scaling to hold several C-level roles under LifeLabs. Notably, this includes being an IT Security Lead, where Mike had the opportunity to support the tech team in rendering new security program development and overseeing the inception of the Incident Response program. More formerly, Mike became a CISO in December of 2019.

That said, Mike’s ambitions for security excellence were also done in conjunction with ongoing side affiliations supporting various professional engagements, keynote presentations/talking panels, and public contributions. Namely, this involves being a Board Member and Co-Chair of the Operations Committee for the Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange, a CISO Co-Chair for Evanta, and an active Board Member of HUMINT Cybersecurity Recruitment. Furthermore, Mike's devotion to bridging security gaps and innate avocation for making cybersecurity knowledge accessible has not gone unnoticed.

Mike currently resides in Calgary with his wife and two children who inspire him to always become better than the day before, and enjoys spending his free time playing guitar - including attending Berklee College of Music in the evenings for guitar performance.

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