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Strategy 4: Hire AND Grow Quality Staff | 42

Blueprint • 2023-05-29

In this episode we dive deep on the "People" factor of the SOC. Who should you hire, what skills should you hire for, what backgrounds are most likely to lead to success for your team? We also get into what happens after the hire - training, growth, and supporting your team in their skill and career development. This one is a must-listen for all the managers out there. We're all trying to build the highest skilled, most supportive team with low turnover, and the tips our authors bring to this episode on chapter 4 - "Hire AND Grow Quality Staff" will be crucial in that mission.

This special season of the Blueprint Podcast is taking a deep dive into MITRE’s 11 Strategies of a World-Class Cyber Security Operations Center. Each episode John will break down a chapter of the book with the book’s authors Kathryn Knerler, Ingrid Parker, and Carson Zimmerman.

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