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OSINT Search Party CTF

SANS Institute has partnered with Trace Labs, a Canadian-based non-profit organization, to host a virtual OSINT Search Party CTF on August 22, 2020 from 11am - 6:30pm EDT. This CTF is only open to those who have taken a SANS course and seats are limited.

About this Event

Trace Labs is a Not-For-Profit organization whose mission is to crowdsource the collection of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to generate new leads on active missing persons investigations.

The missing persons issue is getting worse and requires modern and scalable solutions at various levels to help mitigate risk to society. The Trace Labs OSINT Search Party platform enables the collection of OSINT to power crowdsourced community operations and Capture the Flag (CTF) events. These crowdsourced initiatives allow missing persons to receive the attention that is needed early in the search process.

Participants will be able to form teams of 1-4 members to compete and collect real OSINT on several missing persons cases. Each piece of OSINT aligns to 1 of 9 flag categories based on real pieces of information law enforcement looks for in an investigation. All OSINT is submitted to the Search Party platform where a panel of judges will assign points to the team based on the type of OSINT reported. At the end of the contest, the top placed teams will be eligible to win some prizes.

What's Our Goal and How You Can Help

By taking part in this amazing capture the flag (CTF), you'll use recon and OSINT skills to help gather publicly available intel on real missing persons cases. All information gathered will be passed on to law enforcement agencies to assist with these investigations.

Our goal for this CTF is to collect tips on these missing persons cases and to provide new info to law enforcement. As digital trackers, you will be looking for signs of these missing persons, that when put together, can hopefully help law enforcement locate these people.

SANS Certified Instructor and course author of SEC487: Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Analysis, Micah Hoffman will be joining Adrian Korn, Robert Sell, and James Liolios of Trace Labs, to host this full day event.

If you're interested in participating, please submit contact details via the link below and a registration code will be sent to you. This CTF has a limited number of seats available, so don't delay.

Capacity has been hit. Registration is now closed.

How does the CTF work?

For this CTF, several missing persons cases will be selected for contestants to collect OSINT on and generate new leads. This isn't a typical "Theoretical CTF" where the flags are already known. All flags found by contestants are treated as new intelligence that can serve as a potential lead for an active missing persons investigation.

At the start of the event, contestants will be able to view the missing persons case details. OSINT Flags from this list that are submitted to the platform will be validated by a group of volunteer Judges to ensure relevance, accuracy, and to score points.

Please also review our CTF rules here for first time contestants.

Event Schedule August 22nd (EST)

11:00AM-11:05AM - Opening Remarks - Micah Hoffman
11:05AM-11:40AM - Intro to Trace Labs & CTF Briefing - Adrian Korn, Robert Sell, & James Liolios
11:40AM-5:40PM - CTF Start/End
5:40PM-6:10PM - CTF Platform Closed and Final Verification of Flags
6:10PM-6:15PM - Announce winners & debrief