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@RISK provides a reliable weekly summary of (1) newly discovered attack vectors, (2) vulnerabilities with active new exploits, (3) insightful explanations of how recent attacks worked, and other valuable data

A key purpose of the @RISK is to provide the data that will ensure that the 20 Critical Controls (the US and UK benchmark for effective protection of networked systems) continue to be the most effective defenses for all known attack vectors. But since it is also valuable for security practitioners, SANS is making it available to the 145,000 security practitioners who have completed SANS security training and others at their organizations who hope to stay current with the offensive methods in use.

April 18, 2013

@RISK: The Consensus Security Vulnerability Alert

Vol. 13, Num. 16

Providing a reliable, weekly summary of newly discovered attack vectors, vulnerabilities with active exploits, and explanations of how recent attacks worked.



MOST POPULAR MALWARE FILES 4/9/2013 - 4/16/2013

TOP VULNERABILITY THIS WEEK: Microsoft is warning users not to install MS13-036, as certain users' systems are failing to boot after applying the patch. The issue is, as of the time of writing, still being diagnosed by Microsoft, who will presumably issue an updated patch as soon as QA is complete.

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Title: Microsoft patch causing systems to die after application
Description: Certain users are reporting that applying MS13-036 to their Windows systems is causing those machines to fail to boot afterwards, and Microsoft has officially warned users not to apply the patch until a fix can be identified. The patch addresses locally exploitable bugs, so the risk of breakage from the patch is most likely higher than the risk of leaving the vulnerability open for the time being. Reference:
Snort SID: N/A
ClamAV: N/A

Title: HP Intelligent Management Center arbitrary code execution exploit released
Description: A public exploit was released this week for an arbitrary code execution identified in March for the HP Intelligent Management Center product, an enterprise network management solution. Administrators who have not previously patched should do so as soon as possible. Reference:
Snort SID: 26416, 26417
ClamAV: N/A

Title: Asterisk SIP SDP header buffer overflow
Description: A pair of trivially exploitable buffer overflows were patched in the Asterisk SIP SDP header parsing code recently, with values as small as 17 bytes in certain fields sufficient to trigger memory corruption. Administrators are urged to patch immediately, as working exploits can be trivially crafted using existing shellcode libraries for the target platforms.
Snort SID: 26425, 26426
ClamAV: N/A

Title: Squid proxy server denial of service
Description: A surprisingly simple denial of service was patched earlier this month in the popular Squid proxy server software package. Specifically, if the "Accept-Language" header of an HTTP request begins with a comma, an infinite loop in the product's error routine will ensue, rapidly leading to a service (and possibly operating system) crash. Administrators should patch promptly, as this issue could be exploited by the simplest of tools.
Snort SID: 26379
ClamAV: N/A


Java applet attack wipes out Bitcoin accounts on MtGox:

90% of game hacks infected with malware:

Gaming company certificates stolen and used to attack activists:

How mobile spammers verify the validity of harvested phone numbers:

SET (Social Engineering Toolkit) 5.0 released:

The bug that caught PayPal with its pants down:


This is a list of recent vulnerabilities for which exploits are available. System administrators can use this list to help in prioritization of their remediation activities. The Qualys Vulnerability Research Team compiles this information based on various exploit frameworks, exploit databases, exploit kits and monitoring of internet activity.

ID: CVE-2013-0632
Title: Adobe ColdFusion APSB13-03 Remote Exploit
Vendor: Adobe
Description: Adobe ColdFusion 9.0, 9.0.1, 9.0.2, and 10 allows remote attackers to bypass authentication and possibly execute arbitrary code via unspecified vectors, as exploited in the wild in January 2013.
CVSS v2 Base Score: 10.0 (AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:C/I:C/A:C)

ID: CVE-2013-1080
Title: Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Remote Execution
Vendor: Novell
Description: The web server in Novell ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM) 10.3 and 11.2 does not properly perform authentication for zenworks/jsp/index.jsp, which allows remote attackers to conduct directory traversal attacks, and consequently upload and execute arbitrary programs, via a request to TCP port 443.
CVSS v2 Base Score: 10.0 (AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:C/I:C/A:C)

ID: CVE-2013-1892
Title: MongoDB nativeHelper.apply Remote Code Execution
Description: Remote exploitation of an input validation error vulnerability in versions 2.2.3 of mongoDB, as included in various vendors' operating system distributions, could allow attackers to execute arbitrary code on the targeted host. An input validation error vulnerability exists in monogoDB. Specifically, the vulnerable server-side process fails to sanitize user input passed through the "nativeHelper.apply()" function.
CVSS v2 Base Score: 10.0 (AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:C/I:C/A:C)

ID: CVE-2012-5879
Title: McAfee Virtual Technician ActiveX Control Insecure Method
Vendor: McAfee
Description: An ActiveX control in McHealthCheck.dll in McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) and ePO-MVT and earlier allows remote attackers to modify or create arbitrary files via a full pathname argument to the Save method.
CVSS v2 Base Score: 8.2 (AV:N/AC:M/Au:S/C:C/I:C/A:P)

ID: CVE-2013-1493
Title: Oracle Java SE JVM 2D Subcomponent Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2013-1493)
Vendor: Oracle
Description: The color management (CMM) functionality in the 2D component in Oracle Java SE 7 Update 15 and earlier, 6 Update 41 and earlier, and 5.0 Update 40 and earlier allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (crash) via an image with crafted raster parameters, which triggers (1) an out-of-bounds read or (2) memory corruption in the JVM, as exploited in the wild in February 2013.
CVSS v2 Base Score: 10.0 (AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:C/I:C/A:C)

MOST POPULAR MALWARE FILES 4/9/2013 - 4/16/2013:

SHA 256: D14B66BD4C4C8F66A6EDF2820FD4162D09B326BEAF6A42014596571E81A1A503
MD5: 68b7f7a26b76805432e3d50009d2ab1f

Typical Filename: winijskuo.exe
Claimed Product: winijskuo.exe
Claimed Publisher: winijskuo.exe

SHA 256: 5A9AFC24B0B0C8E565094EA386A7E9369BAB7BCBA9B1D5A992EE3A7FD69D9F81
MD5: 59f9f5ce65a6b2e3ec401b585ab90ba1

Typical Filename: b4182854f7531e4f363e641ebdba33e3d9dfa691
Claimed Product: b4182854f7531e4f363e641ebdba33e3d9dfa691
Claimed Publisher: b4182854f7531e4f363e641ebdba33e3d9dfa691

SHA 256: E0B193D47609C9622AA018E81DA69C24B921F2BA682F3E18646A0D09EC63AC2B
MD5: bf31a8d79f704f488e3dbcb6eea3b3e3

Typical Filename: klplmq.sys
Claimed Product: klplmq.sys
Claimed Publisher: klplmq.sys

SHA 256: F09AFC177AFBC8E2D36A57D105D3F79A70EC2E36701C9759E19D54A009279F11
MD5: 3b7a992ae53ebb41dd1e566e4172e9c0

Typical Filename: winxeyfe.exe
Claimed Product: winxeyfe.exe
Claimed Publisher: winxeyfe.exe

SHA 256: 1A5997406EF0960F86D31E404B95A40CC03DE4DB6279B16030ACCFC62F97CF3E

Typical Filename:
Claimed Product:
Claimed Publisher:


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