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NetWars: ICS NetWars

ICS NetWars is a suite of hands-on, interactive learning scenarios that enable Operational Technology (OT) security professionals to develop and master the real-world, in-depth skills they need to defend real-time systems. Designed to be accessible to a broad level of player skill ranges, levels 1 and 2 were introduced in 2017 and levels 3 to 5 will be introduced at ICS Summit Orlando 2018.

"My favorite part of ICS NetWars was that both IT and OT were in one game. Nice job!" - Mike Hoffman

ICS NetWars Scenario

The Delicious Edible Foods (DEF) is a fictional multinational food manufacturing company specializing in cookie and snack food products. The company utilizes highly automated and secret manufacturing processes which have contributed to extraordinary growth and profits. Recently, DEF has begun receiving customer complaints about "mixed bag" packaging which included random cookie types mixed into packages where they didn't belong presenting serious health risks to consumers with food allergies. An FDA investigation is underway and lawsuits have already been filed. Your mission: identify if DEF has been compromised, defend the operation environment and reinstate confidence in the safety and quality of the process.

Level 1

  • ICS NetWars provides participants with a challenging scenario facing an operational process control environment. Players will be challenged to develop a full understanding of the environment, equipment, infrastructure, and vulnerabilities throughout Level 1 play.

Level 2

  • As players enter into Level 2, they will access 100's of data artifacts from within the simulated process environment and will need to perform analysis, forensics, and incident response activities in order to complete Level 2. Additional levels are in development at this time.

Levels 3-5

  • Levels in development will allow participants to access the simulated environment to demonstrate their offensive and defensive skills.

Adversary Actions

  • Spear Phishing
  • Command and Control
  • Credential theft
  • Lateral and vertical movement
  • Security configuration modification
  • Process manipulation

Blue Team (Defender) Actions

Participants play the role of Incident Responder analyzing collected artifacts including system event and security logs, firewall logs, network diagrams, system as-built information and many other items to answer a series of questions. The goal is to identify what happened, how to stop the damage, and how to restore consistency and reliability to the process.

For more information about ICS NetWars email us at ics@sans.org.