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Zachary Mathis

Based in Japan, Zachary Mathis is a principal security engineer at Kobe Digital Labo's Proactive Defense. While working at Carnegie Mellon CyLab Japan, he created the security division in 2006, which has grown to the largest security services company in western Japan. Proactive Defense provides services such as web application, network and smartphone application security penetration testing, incident handling, forensics, and phishing assessments to some of the largest companies in Japan. He is one of the authors of JSSEC's Android Application Secure Coding Guidebook, and an active member of SECCON, Japan's largest CTF organization. He regularly organizes security events throughout the year including zero day bug bounty events for medical and IoT hacking. He is currently the local instructor for 504 in Japan and holds numerous GIAC certificates.

Upcoming Courses Taught By Zachary Mathis
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Training Event
SANS Secure Japan 2020 Tokyo, Japan
Mar 2, 2020 -
Mar 14, 2020

Training Event
SANS Kuwait March 2020 Salmiya, Kuwait
Mar 21, 2020 -
Mar 26, 2020

Training Event
SANS Hong Kong 2020 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
May 11, 2020 -
May 16, 2020

Training Event
Cyber Defence Japan 2020 Tokyo, Japan
Jun 29, 2020 -
Jul 11, 2020

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