William McGlasson

  • Mentor

William's career in information technology started early when he earned his Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification just out of high school. In pursuit of a career where he could put this knowledge to good use, he shortly thereafter began work for Symantec, supporting a majority of their enterprise-class security software. While working at Symantec, William had an opportunity to support a plethora of different security technologies, including endpoint protection, perimeter protection and content filtering. He even spent time on the virus removal team where he expunged countless Nimda, Blaster, and Klez infections.

The majority of William's time at Symantec was spent on the intrusion detection, compliance and event management team, where he supported Symantec Network Security, Symantec Security Information Manager, Symantec Enterprise Security Manager, and others. For seven years, William worked for SELCO Community Credit Union as their Information Security Administrator, seeing numerous security-related projects through to completion. William now leads a team as their Information Technology Manager.

William is a holder of the CISSP certification and numerous GIAC certifications, including the little-known but prestigious GIAC Security Expert certification. Moving forward, William is focusing his energy on networking, collaborating and sharing knowledge with others. He is excited to share passion for the field with his peers in the classroom.