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Victor Monga

  • Mentor

Victor Monga is a Security Engineer working for a company located in Studio City, California.

His words "Learning about security is my passion and implementing security is my job". He is in the field for more than a decade and enjoys learning about InfoSec. He has an core networking background which helps him in InfoSec world.

He has achieved couple of certifications such as GSEC, VCP-DC, CCNA, ITIL etc. He is woking on getting GCIH, CISSP and VCP-NV. He is a certificated paralegal.  He is hands-on with networking and VMware. He is an active member of community groups such as OWASP, ISSA, CSA and Cisco. He loves explaining / training / providing workshops. 

He is a fan of IronMan and calls his home network lab "Jarvis".

He belevies that there ain't enough trained security professionals and he wants to help people learn abour security. During his teaching he is expecting to learn from students or at least see the thins from different angle.