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Stanley Hanke

  • Mentor

Stanley got his start with computing and security at an early age. Having received a computer at age four, his curiosity with all things technology was cultivated by his parents. By age 13 he was trolling IRC channels and Usenet forums, running a small dialup BBS, and teaching himself computer networking, scripting, brute forcing, and password cracking. For his college career at Georgia Institute of Technology, he switched gears to pursue knowledge of electrical and computer engineering as he felt a degree in computer science would not be challenging enough. Through his education he discovered the microcosm of transistors and bits, gaining deep insight into how computers operate at the chip level. He used that knowledge as an intern at Texas Instruments to develop firmware for their DSP line of microprocessors in one summer session and to optimize testing routines on production semiconductor wafer batches in a second session. Another pivot led Stanley to a research position while pursuing a Masters degree at University of South Florida under the tutelage of Dr. Rich Gitlin of Bell Labs fame. There he developed software defined radio test platforms using FPGA systems in VHDL to assist PhD candidates to obtain data on novel wireless modulation schemes for use in medical applications such as in-vivo wireless networks. Ultimately, he chose a career in information security, which has revealed itself to be his true calling. He is extremely passionate in the field and his greatest motivators are the pursuit of knowledge, uncovering truth, and solving complex problems. Stanley is currently employed by Deloitte in its Managed Threat Services division, a MSSP SOC offering continuous monitoring service to commercial and public sector entities. His role is a multifaceted combination of senior security analyst, security engineer, and analyst manager. He has significant experience using all the major SIEM technologies in the pursuit of evil by running digital investigations to identify malware, insider threats, weak configuration, and other anomalies that reside on enterprise level networks. He has also been actively performing engineering development, correlation content, and maintenance of several SIEM deployments. He frequently gets called in to assist with incident investigations as a technical asset providing analysis on log activity, network capture data, and an occasional forensic image. His repertoire of GIAC certifications by SANS are in the areas of incident handling (GCIH), digital forensics (GCFA), and network forensics (GCNA).