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Richard Fifarek

Richard is a seasoned SANS instructor who has led classes in SEC401, SEC504, SEC506, FOR508, and SEC560, well as previously holding position of CISO at SANS, leading the information security operations for the most trusted source of computer security training and certification in the world. 

Richard's passion for computers started in middle school, furthering his education and leading him to his career in technology.  He started with tech support in college which instilled in him a customer focused approach to information security.  From there, he progressed to systems and network administration, and eventually information security in a variety of tech start-ups, academia and large federal organizations.  For Richard, security is just a natural extension to creating reliable systems and networks that the organizations relied upon.

Growing up in a family of educators, Richard believes in life-long learning.  He has a BS in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University, has taken many SANS courses over the years, and continues to seek out new data, methods, and research on information security risk management. Richard is currently the Director of IT Security at a fin-tech firm.  

Upcoming Courses Taught By Richard Fifarek
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Community SANS
Community SANS New York SEC506 New York, NY
Nov 18, 2019 -
Nov 23, 2019

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