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Nathanael Lock

  • Mentor

Nathan Lock graduated with M.S. in Instructional Design and spent several years creating online college courses, designing lectures and curriculum, consulting law enforcement instructors, and creating computer based training modules. Then he decided to enter into computer security. Nathan developed a highly technical foundation from serving in the Air Force as an Integrated Avionics Technician. In order to enter into the field of computer security, he attended night classes and was self-taught enough to acquire Security+. From there he began working as a technical writer for Blue Canopy and excelled by establishing incident handling procedures in accordance with NIST SP 800-61 R2. During this time, he completed self-paced learning to achieve a CEH. Soon after, Nathan attending a GSEC bootcamp taught by Paul Henry. The experience changed Nathan's perspective on IT security and he pursued more training and SANS certifications. Attending a local GIAC Incident Handler training and then a GIAC Intrusion Analyst bootcamp, Nathan looks forward to acquiring these certifications and continuing onward.