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Maxim Deweerdt

Maxim Deweerdt likes to stick to the basics and think out of the box - which has helped secure whatever environment he's working in throughout his career. He is a well-respected cyber security advisor, with a focus on Incident Response and Threat Hunting. He has a deep technical understanding of the challenges defenders face and can bring experience to the table on how to translate these challenges into a no-nonsense security program.

When Maxim is not busy leading a incident response and threat hunting team in the MENA region, he teaches the SEC511: Continuous Monitoring and Security Operations [link here], which also happens to be his favorite course. He will emerge you into the true mindset of the defender using the excellent course material combined with numerous anecdotes and tips drawn from his work with governments and the financial, oil-and-gas and defense industry.

Here is What Students Say About Maxim Deweerdt:
"Excellent knowledge of subject, really impressed. All taught at a good speed also" - Matthew, MOD
"Good Instructor. Max has lots of real-world examples" - Becci, BT
"Instructor is amazing. Speaks fast but clear and full of energy the entire day. Good, but exhausting for me!" - Erik, Siemens
"Would book him again!" - Bernd, Airbus

Upcoming Courses Taught By Maxim Deweerdt
Type Course / Location Date Register

Training Event
SANS London September 2019 London, United Kingdom
Sep 23, 2019 -
Sep 28, 2019

Training Event
SANS Doha October 2019 Doha, Qatar
Oct 12, 2019 -
Oct 17, 2019

Training Event
SANS Amsterdam October 2019 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct 28, 2019 -
Nov 2, 2019

Training Event
SANS Gulf Region 2019 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Nov 16, 2019 -
Nov 28, 2019

Training Event
SANS Security Operations London 2019 London, United Kingdom
Dec 2, 2019 -
Dec 7, 2019

Training Event
SANS Zurich February 2020 Zurich, Switzerland
Feb 24, 2020 -
Feb 29, 2020

Training Event
SANS Security West 2020 San Diego, CA
May 6, 2020 -
May 13, 2020

Training Event
SANS Stockholm May 2020 Stockholm, Sweden
May 25, 2020 -
May 30, 2020

*Course contents may vary depending upon location, see specific event description for details.