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Mark Rice

  • Mentor

In his 28 years of service with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department, Mark has served in many capacities, including Patrol, Internal Affairs and conducting digital forensic investigations. In 2011 Mark was assigned as a task force officer at the FBI's Heart of America Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (HARCFL).

As an FBI CART-certified forensic examiner he has conducted examinations on a number of state/local and federal cases involving child exploitation, homicide, network intrusions and terrorism. He has also provided court testimony on numerous cases regarding general crimes and digital investigations.

Mark is a mentor and training officer at the HARCFL and he has worked a number of cases since his appointment to the lab. He is sought out for his knowledge of forensics, electronics and Python programming. He has also used his programming background to create scripts which are used in the lab to streamline various functions. 

Mark has experience in HTML programming, Linux, Apple devices and cell phones. He holds the FBI certification of FE (Forensic Examiner), the SANS certifications GCFE and GPEN, CompTIA certifications A+, Net+, SEC+ and he has an Associate's Degree in Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology. This most likely explains his fascination with Frankenstein electronic projects with lots of little blinking lights - at least his wife would like to think so.

Mark is excited to share his knowledge of electronics and digital forensics with people who have similar interests, and employ problem-solving techniques to assist them, when needed.