Marcello Salvati

Marcello Salvati (@byt3bl33d3r) is a Security Consultant at Coalfire Labs by day and a tool developer by night. He has spoken at conferences such as Wild West Hackin' Fest, Derbycon, 44Con, presented his tools multiple times at BlackHat's Arsenal/Defcon's Demo Labs and also was an instructor of the 'Adaptive Penetration Testing' training at BlackHat 2017. He is the owner of one of the world's top 200 Python Github accounts ( which hosts a number of his more popular tools such as MITMf, CrackMapExec, Deathstar & Gcat. As an active member of the InfoSec community, over the years he has contributed code to number of projects such as Empire, Responder, Impacket, Veil Framework, PowerSploit and hosts a blog at

Marcello holds an Offensive Security OSCP certificate, and is excited at the prospect of sharing his knowledge of Python, Active Directory and Windows with SANS students!

Online options available. Train from any location.

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Pen Test HackFest Summit & Training 2019 Bethesda, MD
Nov 18, 2019 -
Nov 25, 2019

Sold Out
Nov 20, 2019 -
Nov 25, 2019

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