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Kevin Ripa

Kevin J. Ripa, is the owner of Computer Evidence Recovery, Inc, and Past President of the Alberta Association of Private Investigators. He is a former member, in various capacities, of the Department of National Defence serving in both foreign and domestic postings. He is now providing superior service to various levels of law enforcement, Fortune 500 companies, and the legal community, and has assisted in many complex cyber-forensics and hacking response investigations around the world.

Kevin has over 25 years of experience in the digital investigations field, having started doing forensics before the days of GUI response and vendor training. He is a respected and sought after individual for his expertise in Information Technology investigations, and he has been qualified as an expert witness on numerous occasions at virtually all levels of the judicial process. He has also designed, produced, hosted, and taught numerous industry related courses, not to mention well over one hundred speaking and training engagements to industry and law enforcement around the world.

Kevin holds a number of industry certifications, including four GIAC certifications (GCFE, GCFA, GSEC, GISF), EnCase Certified Examiner, Certified Data Recovery Professional, Licensed Private Investigator, and has previously held certs as Certified Penetration Tester and Certified Ethical Hacker. He has also authored dozens of articles in circulation, as well as chapters to a number of manuals, books, and training texts on the subjects of Computer Security and Forensics.

Kevin is very passionate about teaching and passing on the world behind the books to eager people striking out into this most wonderful digital world!

Upcoming Courses Taught By Kevin Ripa
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Training Event
SANS Atlanta 2018 Atlanta, GA
May 29, 2018 -
Jun 3, 2018

Community SANS
Community SANS Austin SEC301 Austin, TX
Jan 22, 2018 -
Jan 26, 2018

Training Event
SANS Baltimore Spring 2018 Baltimore, MD
Apr 21, 2018 -
Apr 28, 2018

Community SANS
Community SANS Columbia FOR500 Columbia, MD
Mar 5, 2018 -
Mar 10, 2018

Community SANS
Community SANS Columbia FOR500 Columbia, MD
Jul 23, 2018 -
Jul 28, 2018

Community SANS
Community SANS Portland SEC301 Portland, OR
Oct 30, 2017 -
Nov 3, 2017

Community SANS
Community SANS Ottawa FOR500 Ottawa, ON
Nov 20, 2017 -
Nov 25, 2017

Community SANS
Community SANS Ottawa SEC301 Ottawa, ON
Dec 4, 2017 -
Dec 8, 2017

Community SANS
Community SANS Vancouver SEC401^ Vancouver, BC
Nov 6, 2017 -
Nov 11, 2017

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