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Kevin Perryman

Kevin Perryman has over thirty years of experience in software design and programming, server and network design, implementation and administration, and end-user support.   His interest in computers started in 1980 programming on the Apple II, VIC-20 and Commodore 64.

In addition to his Computer Information Systems Bachelors of Business Administration degree from the University of Houston - Downtown, Kevin holds many technical certifications including: GSEC, GCIA, GCIH, GCWN, GPEN, GCFE and GCFA.  Kevin has provided IT Support for multiple Small and Medium-sized Business Enterprises (SMBE), served as the Systems and Operations Manager for large and small medical groups, and was the Director of Information Technology for a mid-size Texas Medical Center hospital.

Currently Kevin works as an independent investigator in Central Texas conducting computer security and forensic investigations along with providing supporting investigative 

services in automotive product liability cases.