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Jeremiah Williams

  • Mentor

Jeremiah L. Williams, Sr was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1976. He is currently a doctoral student in the Department of Business Administration at Northcentral University where he has successfully completed all core and specialization requirements. Both his specialization and professional career has been Information Technology (IT) for over 22 years. Jeremiah has been enrolled in this program since 2013 completing courses part-time while attending to his family and professional career. Education He received the B.S. degree in Information Technology Engineering Security from Charter College, Anchorage AK in 2012. The path to completing his B.S. degree took 17 years consistently earning credits every year from different institutions despite constant work travel. He attended Frederick Community College and Morgan State University in Maryland, Virginia Commonwealth University in Virginia, and Drexel University in Pennsylvania before finally completing his B.S. in Anchorage Alaska. He immediately continued school and obtained his M.S. degree in Information Technology Security Assurance from American Intercontinental University, Schaumburg, IL in 2013. Currently hes a graduate student pursuing his PhD in Information Technology Business Administration at Northcentral University in San Diego, CA. Career From 2004 to 2010, Jeremiah Williams served honorable as Instructor Airborne Battle Manager onboard the Airborne Early Warning Control System (AWACS) E-3 Sentry for the United States Air Force. During his military service, he earned Airmen of the Quarter and several distinguished military volunteer service awards including a check for $1000 for winning an Air Force wide essay competition. Then from 2010 to 2015, he served as a Network Engineer, Software Developer, and Senior IT Instructor with Northrop Grumman, Caterpillar Inc., and Charter College respectively. As network engineer, he successfully maintained the military tactical network links between Elmendorf AFB, Alaska and Eielson AFB, Alaska enabling Alaskan airborne situational awareness to national decision makers. His work with Caterpillar Inc, enabled advanced software testing and auditing via his customized automation solutions ensuring successful deployment of enterprise software to over 5000 clients systems worldwide. His 6 years as IT Instructor and Microsoft SME (subject matter expert) eventually lead to his promotion to Senior IT Instructor providing curriculum development and accreditation assurance. Finally, he began work for the federal government as an Information Technology Specialist where he currently works as a Web Services Architect today. Volunteer Jeremiah has received several awards for his volunteer service. He received Air Force awards for his volunteer services on behalf of the Elmendorf AFB military chapel. The University of Alaska Anchorage awarded Jeremiah with the Martin Luther King Jr volunteer award for his volunteer work providing computer lab setup and administration for their students. Currently, he volunteers his time as director and mentor over a non-profit IT trades and training organization in Anchorage Alaska called Integrity IT Internship. He started the 501(c)3 organization where he also mentors 5 junior IT professionals. Jeremiah also spends his volunteer time as a community services leader helping the homeless and fellow Alaskans fine shelter, stability, jobs, and rehabilitation. Entrepreneur Mr. Williams began his entrepreneur career in 2000 when he started Integrity Computer Systems, LLC (ICS). ICS was a debt free information technology (IT) sales, services, and consulting firm which began in Frederick Maryland. It eventually moved to Kingsport Tennessee and now operates in Anchorage Alaska as an IT training and consulting center. Jeremiahs passion for operating debt free has kept the company in good reputation. He employed up to 3 personnel during the peak business operations. Next, he started and franchised a Daycare in 2012 called AEIOU Childcare employing 5 personnel. Then, internationally, he worked with a leading staffing agency in the Dominican Republic called Soluciones Humanas to develop and program a software business solution for unifying front end, back end, and client data services into a single comprehensive platform independent solution. The program was bi-lingual but functioned in Spanish mode primarily. Lastly, Jeremiah began a non-profit 501(c)3 organization called Integrity IT Internship in Anchorage Alaska which functions to provide advanced hands-on technology training to its members. The organization provides free computers to the general public and donation based IT services for non-profit organizations endeavoring to provide hands on training experiences for its members. Memberships and Websites Mr. Williams is a member of the IEEE, Anchorage Area Toast Masters, and Project Management Institute of Alaska. My web portfolio can be found at