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Ivan Avilla

Ivan Avilla is the manager of T-Mobile''s Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT), a Cyber Protection Chief Warrant Officer in the Army National Guard and SynAck Red Team (SRT) member.  He has responded to hundreds of cyber incidents with varying levels of severity over his years with the DoD and T-Mobile.  He is experienced with high profile incident handling, legally sound investigation and forensic methods used in regulated data breach reporting, litigation and law enforcement referrals. Ivan holds a bachelor's degree in information technology from Western Governors University (WGU) and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Cyber Security from WGU. Ivan holds over 30 professional certifications in technology and cyber security. In the SANS community, Ivan has attended 15 SANS courses winning three challenge coins, obtained 13 GIAC certifications and has also facilitated one SANS event. In the military, Ivan has reached the rank of Chief Warrant Officer Two (CW2), completed multiple training courses both in technology and leadership and become a highly decorated combat veteran.