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Ian Reynolds

From the early days of the 1980's microcomputer boom, building up from a simple ZX81 via the iconic BBC B to the lofty heights of an early Amstrad PC Clone, Ian has been playing, tweaking and occasionally frying computers and hardware for several decades.

Turning this into a career has seen Ian work through a wide variety of computing roles which finally led him to the emerging field of Information Security.

Working with educational establishments, manufacturing companies, utilities, large public bodies, and corporate entities, Ian has been fortunate enough to have designed, delivered, supported and fixed systems across the world. This built up a wealth of experience that would prove invaluable for clients and colleagues alike.

A constant in Ian's career has been a relentlessly inquisitive nature. "I've always been interested in how things really work and sometimes that means you break things along the way while trying to understand what's really happening". This curiosity drove him to set up network monitoring systems in the late 1990s and underpinned his later transition into forensic system investigation.

After combatting several targeted cyber campaign groups he noticed that some companies appeared almost offended that their intrusions did not originate from APT groups, "The industry has led them to expect an APT attack. That bias can lead to them trying to fit the evidence into an APT mould. Understanding and challenging analyst bias is critical. Helping them avoid those traps is invaluable"

With clients whose offices are located globally, the work is always challenging, and every engagement brings something new.

Ian now runs his own consultancy and works with clients from multiple sectors primarily to deliver and improve SOC, Forensic and Incident Response services while meeting a myriad of other challenges along the way.

"We still encounter pentesters who just want to kick the sandcastle down with no interest in helping protect it. Thankfully that's changing and the shift towards defense and offense working together is incredibly powerful"

When he gets a chance, Ian likes to spend time avidly avoiding trees while mountain biking as well as swimming and climbing. He's happy to consider any sport that causes insurers to wonder if they should increase his premiums.

Summary of qualifications

  • GIAC Advisory Board member
  • Cisco: CCNA
  • Microsoft: MCITP SA/EA/EDST/EDA, MCSA, MCTS AD/AI/NI/SV/DV/W7, MCSE 4/2000/2003     

Here's what students are saying about Ian:

"He has been fantastic and presented complex information in standard English!"

Tania S. - Department for Transport

"Frankly excellent, [his] method of invigorating and engaging with class was particularly good"

Jack D. - Royal Air Force

"Great knowledge, great humour, great style"

Stefan S - Lufthansa

"A really engaging trainer who held my attention throughout the week"

Andy S. - Total

"Very engaging and passionate about the topic"

Igor S. - GlaxoSmithKline

Upcoming Courses Taught By Ian Reynolds
Type Course / Location Date Register

Training Event
SANS London February 2020 London, United Kingdom
Feb 10, 2020 -
Feb 15, 2020

Training Event
SANS San Diego 2020 San Diego, CA
Feb 17, 2020 -
Feb 22, 2020

Training Event
SANS Manchester February 2020 Manchester, United Kingdom
Feb 24, 2020 -
Feb 29, 2020

Training Event
SANS Munich March 2020 Munich, Germany
Mar 2, 2020 -
Mar 7, 2020

Training Event
SANS London March 2020 London, United Kingdom
Mar 16, 2020 -
Mar 21, 2020

Training Event
SANS Oslo March 2020 Oslo, Norway
Mar 23, 2020 -
Mar 28, 2020

Training Event
SANS Riyadh April 2020 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Apr 4, 2020 -
Apr 16, 2020

Training Event
SANS London April 2020 London, United Kingdom
Apr 20, 2020 -
Apr 25, 2020

Training Event
SANS Dublin May 2020 Dublin, Ireland
May 25, 2020 -
May 30, 2020

Training Event
SANS Paris June 2020 Paris, France
Jun 8, 2020 -
Jun 13, 2020

Training Event
SANS Amsterdam August 2020 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Aug 17, 2020 -
Aug 22, 2020

Training Event
SANS Riyadh September 2020 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Sep 5, 2020 -
Sep 10, 2020

*Course contents may vary depending upon location, see specific event description for details.