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Doc Blackburn

As his kids would say, "Since the 1900's," Doc Blackburn has IT experience spanning 4 decades in application and software design and administration, server and network administration, cloud services and website development, along with security and compliance management and experience in several other technical disciplines. His interest in computers started in 1982 when he first started programming on the Texas Instruments TI-99 4a console, Bally Home Library Computer, and Commodore 64 systems and had continued as a dedicated computer hobbyist until he decided to make information technology a full-time career in 1998.

Starting in the year 2000, Doc ran a successful IT consulting, hosting, and design firm for 10 years until he found his passion was in IT security and compliance. His well-rounded IT experience includes hardware, software, network design, project management, administration, programming, systems security, and compliance frameworks. He has vast experience at various levels of information technology from technical support/help desk positions to security leadership roles.

He has been heavily involved in the technical design and implementation of NIH approved FISMA compliant information systems.  His current work has focused on HIPAA, FERPA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and FISMA compliant systems with an emphasis on IT risk management in enterprise environments.  Doc maintains over a dozen IT and security certifications along with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona in 2002. He currently leads the Risk and Compliance efforts for the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus.

"In my professional career, I have recruited, hired, trained, and mentored many highly technical individuals to excel in their professional development and have enjoyed continuing to do the same as a Certified SANS instructor, teaching all over the world."

Upcoming Courses Taught By Doc Blackburn
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Training Event
SANS Munich November 2019 Munich, Germany
Nov 18, 2019 -
Nov 23, 2019

Community SANS
Community SANS Dallas SEC401 Dallas, TX
Dec 9, 2019 -
Dec 14, 2019

Training Event
SANS New York City Winter 2020 New York City, NY
Feb 10, 2020 -
Feb 15, 2020

Open-Source Intelligence Summit & Training 2020 Alexandria, VA
Feb 18, 2020 -
Feb 24, 2020

Training Event
SANS Secure Singapore 2020 Singapore, Singapore
Mar 16, 2020 -
Mar 28, 2020

Training Event
SANS Secure Canberra 2020 Canberra, Australia
Mar 23, 2020 -
Mar 28, 2020

Training Event
SANS Minneapolis 2020 Minneapolis, MN
Apr 14, 2020 -
Apr 19, 2020

Training Event
SANS London May 2020 London, United Kingdom
May 18, 2020 -
May 23, 2020

Training Event
SANS Krakow May 2020 Krakow, Poland
May 25, 2020 -
May 30, 2020

*Course contents may vary depending upon location, see specific event description for details.