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David Szili

David Szili got his first computer, a 486DX2, at the age of 10 and quickly discovered his talent and passion for bending and twisting systems and programs to achieve results beyond their intended purpose. One of the few games he had on the computer was SimCity, a game that he always ended up losing with a bankrupted city after 20-30 minutes of playing. David discovered a magazine explaining how to edit saved game files, eventually learning how to open the files of his saved games with a hex editor to overwrite the amount of money he had. From that point on, David was hooked and had found his career path.

David brings that passion and curiosity to his role as instructor for SANS FOR572: Advanced Network Forensics: Threat Hunting, Analysis, and Incident Response, "SANS strives to provide the best quality every time; something that aligns with my personal values." He also likes the fact that SANS is a very active member and supporter of the information security community.

Today, David is managing partner and CTO at Alzette Information Security, a consulting company based in Luxembourg. He has more than eight years of professional experience in penetration testing, red teaming, vulnerability assessment, vulnerability management, security monitoring, security architecture design, incident response, digital forensics and software development. 

In his instructor role at SANS, David loves to teach concepts of analysis, detection, and response as these are the skills needed by modern-day defenders who face determined attackers. David also focuses on practical application, even when teaching the theoretical background of a material, he makes sure to bring in real-life examples and case studies. He also puts extra emphasis on hands-on skills development and demos during class, because "as defenders of an organization," says David, "students need to 'train as they fight.'"

"As security analysts, we never wish to have less data," says David. "However, we have also reached the point where simply handling the volume of data available and effectively processing it is already a huge challenge, let alone finding signs of compromise and malicious activity." He addresses this challenge with his students by teaching them to build up a pragmatic analytic workflow and encouraging a deep understanding of why all the steps in a process need to be performed to get to a solution. David's proudest moments are when former students tell him that they implemented something he shared in class and it worked great.

David has master's degrees in computer engineering and in networks and telecommunication, along with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. He also holds several IT security certifications such as GSEC, GCED, GCIA, GCIH, GMON, GNFA, GYPC, GMOB, OSCP, OSWP and CEH. David speaks on a regular basis at international conferences like, BruCON, Hacktivity, Nuit du Hack, x33fcon, BSides Munich, BSidesBUD, and BSides Ljubljana, and he's on the organizing team for BSides Luxembourg, a conference fully dedicated to defense topics. David blogs about information security at David also has an Erdos number of 4.

In his spare time, David likes to work on hobby electronics projects and participate in the development of open-source security tools. David is also a huge fan of movies and TV series and he likes to go to concerts of bands like Walk of the Earth or Postmodern Jukebox.

Qualifications Summary

  • Managing partner and CTO of Alzette Information Security, a consulting company based in Luxembourg
  • Member of the organizing team for BSides Luxembourg, a conference fully dedicated to defense topics
  • Instructor for SANS FOR572: Advanced Network Forensics: Threat Hunting, Analysis, and Incident Response 

Get to Know David Szili

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  • Presentations and Events:, BruCON, Hacktivity, x33fcon, Nuit du Hack, BSides Munich, BSidesBUD, BSides Ljubljana, BSides Luxembourg (part of the organizing team)

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SANS London March 2020 London, United Kingdom
Mar 16, 2020 -
Mar 21, 2020

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SANS Frankfurt March 2020 Frankfurt, Germany
Mar 30, 2020 -
Apr 4, 2020

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SANS Riyadh April 2020 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Apr 4, 2020 -
Apr 16, 2020

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SANS Amsterdam May 2020 Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 11, 2020 -
May 18, 2020

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SANS Stockholm May 2020 Stockholm, Sweden
May 25, 2020 -
May 30, 2020

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SANS Zurich June 2020 Zurich, Switzerland
Jun 15, 2020 -
Jun 20, 2020

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SANS Riyadh July 2020 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Jul 11, 2020 -
Jul 16, 2020

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SANS Capital City 2020 Washington, DC
Aug 17, 2020 -
Aug 22, 2020

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SANS London September 2020 London, United Kingdom
Sep 7, 2020 -
Sep 12, 2020

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