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Christopher Romero

  • Mentor

Prior to graduating in 2017, Chris went back to working with NuWeb IT Solutions, a local IT Consulting firm. As a Systems Engineer, Chris was able to learn numerous fundamentals including, building, supporting, and configuring endpoints, network systems, VPN systems and configurations, SIEM tools and controls, and Active Directory. Throughout this time, Chris spent countless hours studying to reinforce his network skills before challenging himself with the CompTIA Network+. 

Following, thirst for information security knowledge and a position within the information security, Chris attained an internship at Assurant, Inc in July 2017. Here Chris earned the title of Jr. Security Engineer. As a Jr. Security Engineer, Chris harnessed the skills to document attack detections and assist in the development of control rules for detection through intensive log analysis. Chris also validated these endpoint and network security controls through the use of carious penetration tools including (MetaSploit, Mimikatz, BloodHound, and more). On October 2017, Chris continued extracurricular studies and received the Security+ certification. Reinforcing the skills learned after my studies, I worked to develop departmental technical security documentation for security controls, whitelisting and blacklisting, and general security procedures. Chris also worked diligently to get an in-depth analysis of security tools used throughout the environment through troubleshooting, development, updating of signatures, and growth of security implementations. In January, a full-time position opened up at Assurant for Information Security Analyst focusing on Incident Response and Security Operations. 

On March 2018, Chris accepted the job offer and became a member of the CSIRT team. Within the CSIRT team, Chris grew and developed skills to perform complex incident response and technical analysis to develop technical conclusions based on analysis of evidence and data. Chris also learned other skills including performing hunting for malicious activity across the network and digital assets, performing information security incident response and handling based on risk categorization and in accordance with established procedures, utilizing digital forensics tools to execute digital investigations and perform incident response activities. 

In January 2019, Chris participated in SEC504 with John Strand with high hopes of passing the GCIH with a high enough score to participate in SANS Gold and potentially mentor a course. On April 2019, Chris passed the GCIH with an 88 and following, received an email to apply for the mentorship. Upon receiving that e-mail Chris became ecstatic at the possibility of participating in a mentorship position to learn and grow amongst prestigious members within the industry. This opportunity is one Chris believes would not only help in the growth of his technical skills, but the growth of awareness and knowledge with those who seek to also grow.