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Chris Mewett

  • Mentor

Chris is Principal Consultant at Utopia Consulting and an ASD certified IRAP Assessor based in Canberra. After starting his career on a help desk, Chris pivoted through system administration into security around the turn of the millennium. Working with the Fortune 100, retail, non-profit and the government sectors, Chris is focused on ensuring that technical and security measures are user focused,  risk aware and understood by all stakeholders. This has included work in security architecture, assessment, auditing, engineering and response. 
Check out his Soundcloud, Instagram (et al) @chrismewett. 

Upcoming Courses Taught By Chris Mewett
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Mentor Session Canberra, Australia
Jul 23, 2019 -
Aug 22, 2019

*Course contents may vary depending upon location, see specific event description for details.