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Threat Hunting & IR Summit 2019

New Orleans, LA | Mon, Sep 30, 2019 - Mon, Oct 7, 2019
This event is over,
but there are more training opportunities.

What Attendees Say About Their Summit Experience

Summit Attendees

"The Threat Hunting and IR Summit is packed with content that is directly actionable and applicable to my role as a hunter. I can't overstate the value gained by attending. If you are a hunter, or want to become one, it should be a standing event on your calendar." - Neil Wyler , RSA

"An excellent opportunity to stay current with threat hunting trends and techniques. I look forward to attending the summit again next year." - John Senn, EY

"Awesome material and presenters with a wide degree of coverage/content on Threat Hunting." - Dallas Moore, PepsiCo

"We all deal with our organization's cyber pains intimately. A Summit like this is invaluable in giving us a chance to see how others manage and overcome their own pains. Often, you find that we all experience common pains." - Leonard Stohr, Carbon Black

"Great way to get insight into other organizations' hunting processes. I'm able to bring back many valuable techniques and tools to improve my own organization's processes. Enjoyed the variety of topics and perspectives of the presenters." - Alicia Murphy, Booz Allen Hamilton

"The presentations provided ideas, tools, and guidance on how to execute threat hunting operations." - Daniel Garcia, Shell Oil

"If you are brand new to threat hunting, this Summit could be very enlightening." - Jacob W., U.S. Government

"The breadth of knowledge of the speakers as well as the attendees is incredibly valuable." - Jeven Adami, Consilio

"I always enjoy SANS DFIR Summits. It's good to get away from the madness and reboot yourself. I always go back with renewed energy and lots of great ideas!" - Christi R., Ernst & Young

"There is nothing more valuable than hearing from experienced speakers. Like a good instructor who has a lifetime of real world experience, but the summit allows us to hear this from several well experienced people." - Chris M., Federal Government Military

"Really enjoyed it. Learned a ton!" - Matthew Sooter, EPRI

"This summit opened my eyes to how much I don't know and need to know. It's made me more aware and given me knowledge to better my skills." - Prentiss Colter, Fanatics, Inc.

Summit Attendees

"I left with dozens of detects to try out as soon as I get back to the office." - Mark Jeanmougin, Vantiv

"Conferences like this bring professionalism and peer review to the discipline of Threat Hunting. We all need this to grow the field and attract talent." - Travis M., Anonymous

"The content packed in to each presentation is phenomenal. I've managed to learn something I didn't know from nearly every session, and I've been made aware of additional tools or methodologies that will help." - Dallas Moore, PepsiCo

"Very useful, relevant content and opportunity to meet peers, network, and build relationships." - Frank McClain, Red Canary

"This was great! I'm now able to take this information back to my team and tell them how we can "hunt" more efficiently." - Catherine M., DoD

"Summits are a great place to meet and talk to the trail blazers; the individuals who each in their way helps shine light for the rest of the community." - Michael Decker, ViaSat

"Awesome mix of speakers and topics." - Joe Arthur, USAA

"Lots of learning, networking, thought-provoking discussions, and fun crammed into two days! " - Stephen Malott, Lbrands

"I have gained valuable insight into different methodologies of how to conduct hunt operations which I can apply directly to my organization." - Jack Suter, MOD Corsham

"While not every talk may be applicable to every hunter, it is a great way to generate ideas and take valuable lessons back to your teams to foster hunt maturity." - Matthew Clay, Ablevets, LLC

"Great insight and innovations." - Paul Lee, Cisco

"This Summit has the leading edge on threat hunting. SANS puts a lot of great content in front of attendees." - Mark Seitz, Dragos