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Threat Hunting & IR Summit

New Orleans, LA | Thu, Sep 6 - Thu, Sep 13, 2018
This event is over,
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Threat Hunting & Incident Response Summit

Threat Hunting & Incident Response Summit

  • Two days of in-depth Summit talks focused on the latest in threat hunting and incident response
  • Seven hands-on, immersion-style information security courses to choose from, including FOR508: Advanced Digital Forensics, Incident Response, and Threat Hunting
  • Exclusive networking opportunities and community-building events

Co-chairs: Rob Lee and Phil Hagen
CPE Credits: 16
Summit Dates: September 6-7
Training Dates: September 8-13

Chances are very high that hidden threats already exist inside your organization's networks. No matter how thorough and sophisticated your security precautions may be, you cannot assume your security measures are impenetrable. By themselves, prevention systems are insufficient to counter focused human adversaries who know how to get around today’s advanced security and monitoring tools. It takes highly skilled and focused defenders to defeat these persistent adversaries.

SANS, along with Threat Hunting & Incident Response Summit founding partner Carbon Black is excited to bring together prominent security practitioners for two days of in-depth talks focused on techniques that can be used to successfully identify, contain, and eliminate adversaries targeting your networks. As an attendee, you’ll walk away from this Summit with new tools and methods to leverage as soon as you return to work.

Threat Hunting & Incident Response Sneak Peek

The Summit will explore the following:

  • The effectiveness of threat hunting in reducing the dwell time of adversaries
  • Threat hunting: Buzzword or actionable strategy
  • Automated threat hunting: Fact or fiction?
  • Threat hunting tools, tactics, and techniques that can be used to improve the defense of your organization
  • Case studies on the application of threat hunting to security operations
  • Innovative threat hunting tactics and techniques
  • New tools that can help threat hunting for both endpoints and networks
  • Perspectives and case studies that challenge threat hunting assumptions and can result in a shift in understanding

What attendees say about their Summit experience

“The content packed into each presentation is phenomenal. I've managed to learn something I didn't know from nearly every session, and I've been made aware of additional tools and methodologies that will help.” - Dallas Moore, PepsiCo

“The presentations provided ideas, tools, and guidance on how to execute threat hunting operations.” - Daniel Garcia, Shell Oil

“Great way to gain insight into other organizations' hunting processes. Able to bring back many valuable techniques/tools to improve my own organization's processes. Enjoyed the variety of topics/perspectives of the presenters.” - Alicia Murphy, Booz Allen Hamilton

Threat Hunting Summit Networking

Network with your peers and make invaluable connections

In addition to two days of in-depth threat hunting and incident response discussions, you'll have the opportunity to network with fellow attendees at breaks and social events. Attendees tell us time and again that one of the greatest takeaways from SANS Summits is the many industry connections they forge or deepen during their time with us. Last year's networking event was held at Fulton Alley, where attendees enjoyed food, drinks, bowling and other games! Stay tuned for this year’s plans!

Compete in the DFIR NetWars - Coin Slayer Tournament

Prove you've mastered the DFIR arts by playing in the DFIR NetWars - Coin Slayer Tournament. Created by popular demand, this tournament will give you the chance to leave New Orleans with a fortune of DFIR coinage! To win the new course coins, you must answer all questions correctly from all four levels of one or more of the eight DFIR domains: Windows Forensics, Advanced Incident Response and Threat Hunting, Smartphone Analysis, Mac Forensics, Memory Forensics, Advanced Network Forensics, Malware Analysis, and DFIR NetWars. Take your pick or win them all!

Bundle your Summit experience with a course to expand your information security expertise

After the two-day Summit, choose from seven hands-on, immersion-style SANS courses to help you expand your information security expertise. SANS courses are taught by experienced practitioners who are among the best cybersecurity instructors in the world. They will provide you with the guidance and skills you need to defend your organization from ever-evolving threats.

Nothing beats the SANS live training experience but if you are unable to attend learn how you can attend remotely.