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Stay Sharp: Security Management - Live Online

Virtual, US Central | Mon, Oct 19 - Fri, Oct 23, 2020

Management Short Courses

Management Short Courses

Stay Sharp with 2-Day Cybersecurity Courses

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  • Bite-sized SANS training: Learn real-world strategies quickly
  • Less time away from work and home responsibilities
  • Apply new concepts the same week you take training

High impact, targeted training at a lower cost


Quickly Strengthen your Management Skills

Security managers need both technical knowledge and management skills to gain the respect of technical team members, understand what technical staff are actually doing, and appropriately plan and manage security projects and initiatives. This is a big and important job that requires an understanding of a wide array of security topics.

SANS Stay Sharp: Security Management - Live Online (Oct 19-23, CDT) offers short courses designed to equip you with cybersecurity training you can implement immediately. Whether you are new to the industry looking for a place to start or are a seasoned professional looking to sharpen particular skills, SANS Stay Sharp training can help you achieve your goal.

View the course line-up, and register now to get targeted training designed to help you build security leadership and management strategies you can start using the same week you take the training.

"If it wasn't for MGT433, it would take like six or more months to develop a good plan. This course has definitively shortened my time and gave to me valuable information: links, references, etc. that I sincerely did not know, like DBIR report, Fogg Model, Bloom taxonomy, and others." - Perla Coral, Elizarraraz Reyes, Walmart

SANS Stay Sharp training is available Live Online. Learn more about the Live Online experience:

SANS Stay Sharp - Live Online features:

  • Live-stream cyber security training delivered directly from your course instructor
  • Real-time support from virtual TAs
  • Dedicated chat channels for networking
  • Online CTF events and NetWars Tournaments
  • Hands-on labs in a virtual environment
  • Electronic and printed books
  • Four months of online access to the archive of your course lectures uploaded to your account daily during the event

Interactive cyber security training

"With SANS, I know I am getting the best information security training in the industry, and that continues to be the case with SANS Live Online!" - Harold (Chip) Stockton, Global Payments, Inc.