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Security Awareness Summit

Austin, TX | Mon, Aug 3 - Wed, Aug 12, 2020
Live Event starts in 162 Days

Deadline: Monday, February 17th at 5 pm CST.
Submissions must be made via our online survey form.

Call for Presentations

We’re excited to announce the Call for Presentations (CFP) for the 2020 SANS Security Awareness Summit. The Summit will be Wednesday, August 5 and Thursday, August 6 in Austin, TX. We are looking for speakers who are actively involved in helping organizations build, enhance, or measure security awareness and culture programs and can share real-world stories on propelling a program to the next level. We are looking for problem solvers and innovators who bring unique ideas and perspectives to Security Awareness—regardless of your time in the field or background. If you have an idea which you believe adds value to Security Awareness, we want to hear it. In addition, we are looking for industry experts in organizational change, culture and behavioral insights. Prospective presenters for the Security Awareness Summit should provide their submissions no later than Monday, 17 February at 5 pm CST.

Our goal is for attendees to walk away with actionable lessons they can apply right away to their own programs.

Why Present at the Summit?

  • Promotion of your speaking session and company recognition via the Security Awareness Summit website, social media and all printed materials
  • Access to a friendly, supportive environment to develop and enhance your public speaking and presentation skills
  • Complimentary pass to the Summit

What to Present?

We are prioritizing talks that focus on HOW you did something, not an overview of WHAT you did. Attendees want talks that focus on a specific topic and have lessons learned they can take back to their organization and implement right away. If you want your talk accepted, here is a short post you should read first on submitting a successful CFP.

Below are topics to inspire you.

  • Innovation: How have you changed your approach to Awareness/Culture and what outcomes has that had? Are you seeing exciting new avenues that others should consider?
  • Behavior/Psychology: How are you using behavioral insights or measurements that are helping support your program or strategy? How have your leadership taken to this approach? Any useful studies that have informed your work?
  • Strategic Plan: How did you put a strategic plan together, what did it look like? How were you able to work smarter, not harder due to prior planning? On reflection, what would you do differently?
  • Prioritization: How are you prioritizing your program? Which risks, behaviors, or target groups receive the most focus and why?
  • Resistance to Change: How did you deal with individuals that violate internal rules or simply refuse to change behavior. Do you go with the carrot or the stick, and if so how much?
  • Communications / Engagement: How are you effectively reaching out to and communicating to your entire company, especially when orgs are global or moving away from hard copy or email.
  • Special Events That Work: What event did you host that had an impact that you can measure, such as hacking demos, event booths, scavenger hunts or escape rooms? Can you provide a roadmap / materials for people to recreate what you did? How did you scale the event or perhaps did you offer the events online?
  • Collaboration Success Stories: How did you build relationships and partner with other key departments, such as Communications, Human Resources, Legal or others?
  • Mistakes – Show Us Your Worst: We want to hear and learn about the mistakes you made and lessons you learned from them. These talks incredibly insightful and popular as we all make mistakes.
  • Leadership Support: How do you get leadership to buy into and support your program – both short and long term. What did you communicate to leaders, in what format, to whom and how often?
  • Metrics: What did you measure, how did you measure it and why? How were you able to tie your metrics back to the training or a specific awareness campaign?
  • Problem Solving: How to work through and tackle an issue, especially when you are not the expert and do not know where to start.
  • Changing Culture: What is culture to you, how did you define and measure it, how did you change or integrate with it?

What NOT to Present

The following presentations will be rejected:

  • Any presentation that is perceived as a product pitch.
  • Any talks that covers only what you did. Attendees don’t want to know what you did, they want to know HOW you did it, lessons learned they can apply and mistakes they can avoid.
  • General talks that are high-level / vague.
  • Talks that are off topic (no, this is not the place to talk about your amazing SIEM implementation).

The deadline for all submissions is Monday, 17 February. All submissions must be made through our online form.

Please contact with questions.