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Secure Canberra 2013

Canberra, Australia | Mon, Mar 18 - Sat, Mar 23, 2013
This event is over,
but there are more training opportunities.

Dear Colleague,

We are returning to Australia's Capital City for a new event in the APAC region. SANS Secure Canberra 2013 is coming up on 18-23 March to bring you SANS' world-class information security training. Our courses will be Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking along with Computer Forensic Investigations - Windows In-Depth.

Read what our course authors said about the value of these two popular and essential SANS courses.

SEC560: Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

Author Statement - Successful penetration testers don't just throw a bunch of hacks against an organization and regurgitate the output of their tools. Instead, they need to understand how these tools work indepth, and conduct their test in a careful, professional manner. This course explains the inner workings of numerous tools and their use in effective network penetration testing and ethical hacking projects. When teaching the class, I particularly enjoy the numerous hands-on exercises culminating with a final pen-testing extravaganza lab.

FOR408: Computer Forensic Investigations - Windows In-Depth with Jess Garcia

Author Statement - After 25 years in law enforcement, when I think of what makes a great digital forensic analyst, three things immediately rise to the top of my list. Superior technical skill, sound investigative methodology, and the ability to overcome obstacles. SANS FOR408, Windows In-Depth was designed around imparting these critical skills to the students. Unlike many other forensics training courses that focus on teaching a single tool, FOR408 provides training on many tools. While there are some really exceptional tools available, we feel every forensicator needs a variety of tools in their arsenal so they can pick and choose the best tool for each task. But we also understand that a great forensics analyst is not great because of the tool(s) they use; they are great because they artfully apply the right investigative methodology to each analysis. A carpenter can be a master with all his tools and still not know how to build a house. FOR408 is designed to teach and allow each student to apply digital forensic methodologies for a variety of case types and situations, allowing them to apply in the real world the right methodology to achieve the best outcome.

Finally, this course is designed to teach and demonstrate problem-solving skills necessary to be a truly successful forensicator. Almost immediately after starting your forensic career, you learn each forensic analysis presents its own unique challenges. A technique that worked flawlessly in previous exams may not work in the next. A good forensicator must be able to overcome obstacles through advanced trouble shooting and problem solving. FOR408 gives students the foundation that will allow them to solve future problems, overcome obstacles, and become great forensicators. No matter if you are new to the forensic community or have been doing forensics for years, FOR408 is a must have course. - Ovie Carroll

Classes will be held at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Get the training you need to advance your career. Start making your training and travel plans now to join us for SANS Secure Canberra 2013!

Please contact us at anz@sans.org for further information.

Suresh Mustapha
MD Asia Pacific
SANS Institute