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Scottsdale 2020

Scottsdale, AZ | Mon, Feb 17 - Sat, Feb 22, 2020
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Staying Offensive: The Changing Landscape of Offense

  • Tim Medin
  • Thursday, February 21st, 7:15pm - 8:15pm

Defense is changing and offense has to adapt accordingly. In this talk Tim will discuss the changes in the landscape heās seen in his decade of experience in offense and what you can do to be more offensive. The goal of offense is to emulate real world attackers so the defenders can test the technology and better respond to attacks. Help the blue team by being more offensive.

Bonus Sessions

The following bonus sessions are open to all paid attendees at no additional cost. There are many different types of events that fall into these categories:

  • SANS@Night: Evening presentations given after day courses have ended. This category includes Keynotes.
  • Special Events: SANS-hosted events and other non-technical recreational offerings. This category includes, but is not limited to, Receptions and Information Tables.
Monday, February 17
Session Speaker Time Type
General Session - Welcome to SANS Jeff Frisk Monday, February 17th, 8:00am - 8:30am Special Events
Tuesday, February 18
Session Speaker Time Type
Evolving Threats Paul Henry Tuesday, February 18th, 7:15pm - 8:15pm SANS@Night