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Scott AFB - 835th COS - ICS515 - Live Online

Virtual, US Central | Mon, Sep 21 - Fri, Sep 25, 2020

Welcome to ICS515

Welcome to ICS515

  • ICS515: ICS Active Defense and Incident Response
  • Hands-on approach and real-world malware to break down cyber attacks on ICS from start to finish.
  • Practical and technical understanding of leveraging active defense concepts.

ICS515: ICS Active Defense and Incident Response will help you:

  • Perform ICS incident response focusing on security operations and prioritizing the safety and reliability of operations.
  • Learn how ICS threat intelligence is generated and how to use what is available in the community to support ICS environments. The analysis skills you learn will enable you to critically analyze and apply information from ICS threat intelligence reports on a regular basis.
  • Identify ICS assets and their network topologies and how to monitor ICS hotspots for abnormalities and threats. The course will introduce and reinforce methodologies such as ICS network security monitoring and approaches to reducing the control system threat landscape.
  • Analyze ICS threats and extract the most important information needed to quickly scope the environment and understand the nature of the threat.
  • Operate through an attack and gain the information necessary to instruct teams and decision-makers on whether operations must shut down or it is safe to respond to the threat and continue operations.
  • Use multiple security disciplines in tandem to leverage an active defense and safeguard an ICS, all reinforced with hands-on labs and technical concepts.

"I absolutely feel more confident in my ability to do my job." Jim Gilsinn, Kenexis / SANS Student

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Title Certification Instructor
Private ICS515: ICS Active Defense and Incident Response GRID Dean Parsons