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Baltimore, MD | Sat, Jun 13 - Sat, Jun 20, 2015
This event is over,
but there are more training opportunities.

Welcome to SANSFIRE 2015

Dear Colleague,

For more than 10 years, the Internet Storm Center has been providing free analysis and warning to our community. SANSFIRE 2015 is not just another training event. It is our annual "ISC Powered" event. It taps into the expertise behind our daily postings, podcasts, and data collection efforts by offering evening events focusing on current trends and actual relevant threats. The strength of the Internet Storm Center is its group of handlers, who are network security practitioners tasked with securing real networks just like you. This is your chance to meet some of them in person.

Each evening, the ISC handlers will share their most interesting experiences about the newest cyber hazards. These special presentations are free to everyone who pays for a course at SANSFIRE 2015. Some of this year's highlights include a talk by ISC handler Rob VandenBrink on Software Defined Networking / Attacker Defined Networking; John Bambenek will present, The State of the Takedown: Disrupting Online Cybercrime; Gadi Evron will discuss, Cyber Counter Intelligence and Deception: Toward Adaptive Defense; ; Kevin Liston, will talk about "Network Security as Counterinsurgency" Replacing The Art of War with FM 3-24. Dr. Johannes Ullrich, ISC Director and Marcus Sachs, ISC Director Emeritus will lead a State of the Internet Panel Discussion.

SANSFIRE 2015 hosts world-class instructors teaching top-quality SANS courses covering penetration testing and hacker exploits, security, management, wireless, forensics, secure coding, and much more. We also have one- and two-day courses to round out your training, which will be available at a steeply discounted price if taken with a 4-6 day course.

All SANS courses directly address the kinds of incidents reported by the Internet Storm Center in their daily diaries. And, it's a SANS promise that what you learn you'll be able to apply immediately back at the office. Here is what SANSFIRE 2014 attendees told us:

The current security landscape is rapidly changing. The course content for DEV522 is relevant and important to software security and compliance software. - Scott Hoof, Tripwire Inc.

Rob Lee takes forensics windows (FOR408) to the highest level. Its not just about forensics its about forensics methodically and properly. - Thomas Cook, Army Cyber Institute

Ed is one of the best instructors I have ever had. It's no secret why he is such a world-class pen-tester! (SEC560). - Patrick McCoy, KEYW Corporation

Leaving the class (SEC566) with a great mind set for evaluating current environment and controls. - Tom Kozelsky, Nexeo Solution

No suggestions. Amazed by Eric's stamina for a 6-day boot camp! (Dr. Eric Cole in SEC401) - Ryan Fritz, Great Lakes Educational Loan Svs

Plus, register and pay for the event by April 22, and use the code "EarlyBird15" to obtain a $400 tuition fee discount. You won't want to miss SANSFIRE 2015!

Marcus Sachs
ISC Director Emeritus
Johannes Ullrich,
ISC Director

P.S. If you are not part of the active defensive community, we appreciate your continued support by submitting your logs and helping us make a difference: