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Baltimore, MD | Sat, Jun 21 - Mon, Jun 30, 2014
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Babak Javadi

Babak Javadi is a hardware hacker with a wayward spirit. His first foray into the world of physical security was in the third grade, where he received detention for describing to another student in words alone how to disassemble the doorknob on the classroom door. After years of immersion in electronics and hardware hacking, he found his passion in the puzzling and mysterious world of high security locks, safes, and alarm systems. After serving as a driving force within the locksport community for almost a decade and co-founding the US division of The Open Organisation of Lockpickers, he has recently re-embraced the beauty of the baud and resumed hardware hacking with a vengeance. He currently serves as the President of the US group of The Open Organisation of Lockpickers (TOOOL) and is the founder of The CORE Group, a security research and consulting firm. When not hunched over a lab workbench or crouched beside an auxiliary entrance to a target building, Babak travels around the world to speak at varied conferences, agencies, and companies, including DEF CON, HOPE, BlackHat, Confidence, HITB, DeepSec, eko, and the USNA. He enjoys spicy food and lead-free small arms ammunition.

Babak Javadi Will Be Teaching the Following Course:

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