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Security West 2017

San Diego, CA | Tue, May 9 - Thu, May 18, 2017
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Bonus Sessions

The following bonus sessions are open to all paid attendees at no additional cost. There are many different types of events that fall into these categories:

  • SANS@Night: Evening presentations given after day courses have ended. This category includes Keynotes.
  • Special Events: SANS-hosted events and other non-technical recreational offerings. This category includes, but is not limited to, Receptions and Information Tables.
  • Vendor: Events hosted by external vendor exhibitors.
Thursday, May 11
Session Speaker Time Type
General Session - Welcome to SANS Bryan Simon Thursday, May 11th, 8:00am - 8:30am Special Events
Women's CONNECT Event Hosted by SANS COINS program and ISSA WIS SIG Thursday, May 11th, 6:00pm - 9:15pm Special Events
Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity - 2020 Outlook John Pescatore Thursday, May 11th, 7:15pm - 9:15pm Keynote
Friday, May 12
Session Speaker Time Type
Vendor Solutions Expo Friday, May 12th, 12:00pm - 1:30pm Vendor Event
Vendor Solutions Expo Friday, May 12th, 5:30pm - 7:30pm Vendor Event
Blue is the New Red Friday, May 12th, 7:15pm - 9:15pm Special Events
Saturday, May 13
Session Speaker Time Type
Ten Tenets of CISO Success Frank Kim Saturday, May 13th, 7:15pm - 8:15pm SANS@Night
Cyber-Hygiene and Standards of Care: Practical Defenses against Advanced Attacks James Tarala Saturday, May 13th, 7:15pm - 8:15pm SANS@Night
"Stop Hitting Yourself" - Common Mistakes in Security Operations Jake Williams Saturday, May 13th, 8:15pm - 9:15pm SANS@Night
Sunday, May 14
Session Speaker Time Type
Sarah's Apple Orchard Sarah Edwards Sunday, May 14th, 7:15pm - 8:15pm SANS@Night
The 14 Absolute Truths of Security Keith Palmgren Sunday, May 14th, 7:15pm - 8:15pm SANS@Night
How to Commit Card Fraud G. Mark Hardy Sunday, May 14th, 8:15pm - 9:15pm SANS@Night
Monday, May 15
Session Speaker Time Type
Windows Exploratory Surgery with Process Hacker Jason Fossen Monday, May 15th, 7:15pm - 8:15pm SANS@Night
A Hunting We Shall Go John Strand Monday, May 15th, 8:15pm - 9:15pm SANS@Night