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SANS 2015

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This event is over,
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Part Two

Congrats on solving part 1 of the brochure challenge...

The SANS Brochure challenge is completed in three parts. Part 1 is completed by solving the challenge in the SANS Orlando Brochure. Part 2 of this challenge is below. Did you skip part 1? That is alright. You might be able solve this without it, but it is certainly much easier if you already solved part 1. Click here to download a copy of the brochure.

Solve the challenge below and access the website revealed by the challenge.

fv ps em mk kd ny cf bk pd mc av ac kz dp kd en zk yj bk pd jc zc kx bk pd fc dx be pd fv rm vf lz dp xi dx si jg zs do bk pd gc ez hm zy se pd mh iw nu ob li se pd im nx do nx sj hx sd rx je zj vf ej se sj lz ao nx sd ev je zj sx jw dz sj hx sc gj zc dj hi xs gj zc do nx se da