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San Diego 2013

San Diego, CA | Mon, Nov 18 - Sat, Nov 23, 2013
This event is over,
but there are more training opportunities.

Please join us in San Diego in November for the best security training money can buy!

Here you'll find outstanding course offerings brought to you by our top-rated instructors. Improve your information security skills by choosing from a computer forensics course or a selection of IT security courses while enjoying the fun and sun of San Diego!

Allow us to bring to your attention our NEW course:

SEC505: Securing Windows and Resisting Malware course presented by Jason Fossen.

In April of 2014, Microsoft will stop releasing any new security patches for Windows XP. Like it or not, migrating off Windows XP is no longer optional, the clock is counting down. The Securing Windows and Resisting Malware course is fully updated for Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Server 2008-R2, and Windows 7.

This course is about the most important things to do to secure Windows and how to minimize the impact on users of these changes. You'll see the instructor demo the important steps live, and you can follow along on your laptop. The manuals are filled with screenshots and step-by-step exercises, so you can do the steps alongside the instructor in seminar or later on your own time if you prefer.

We've all got anti-virus scanners, but what else needs to be done to combat malware and intruders using Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) techniques? Today's weapon of choice for hackers is stealthy malware with remote control channels, preferably with autonomous worm capabilities, installed through client-side exploits. While other courses focus on detection or remediation, the goal of this course is to prevent the infection in the first place (after all, first things first).

Especially in Server 2012 and beyond, PowerShell dominates Windows scripting and automation. It seems everything can be managed through PowerShell now. And if there's a needed skill that will most benefit the career of a Windows specialist, it's being able to write PowerShell scripts, because most of your competition will lack scripting skills, so it's a great way to make your resume stand out. This course devotes an entire day to PowerShell scripting, but you don't need any prior scripting experience.

This course will also prepare you for the GIAC Certified Windows Security Administrator (GCWN) certification exam to help prove your security skills and Windows expertise.

All of our San Diego 2013 courses are associated with a GIAC Certification. Complete your SANS training experience with a GIAC certification attempt; put the skills you'll learn to practical use and join nearly 50,000 GIAC certified professionals who make the infosec industry safe. Visit the Certification links on the main page for more information and to register for your certification attempt today.