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Pen Test Austin 2019

Austin, TX | Mon, Apr 29, 2019 - Sat, May 4, 2019
This event is over,
but there are more training opportunities.

12 SANS Training Courses

12 SANS Training Courses

  • Network with like-minded security professionals facing similar challenges
  • NEW courses: Enterprise Threat and Vulnerability Assessment; Open-Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT) and Analysis
  • Additional Course Topics: Ethical Hacking, Web App Pen Test, Mobile Device Security, Wireless Pen Test, Advanced Exploit Development, Digital Forensics

SANS Pen Test Austin 2019 is truly a special event that offers you the opportunity to add new pen testing/ethical hacking skills to your arsenal, network and collaborate with like-minded professionals, put your skills to the test through various challenges, learn skills to better protect your organization, and make yourself invaluable.

7 Reasons to Take a Training Course at SANS Pen Test Austin 2019

1. The SANS Promise! Hands-on skills you can directly apply the day you get back to your job

2. Training! We have almost all of our pen test courses for you to choose from, including the brand-new OSINT course (SEC487), brand-new vulnerability assessment course (SEC460), and the most advanced course (SEC760)

3. NetWars! Three exciting nights (9 total hours) of SANS Core NetWars (CtF), where you can have some fun and build serious InfoSec skills

4. Challenge Coins! The opportunity to earn up to five additional SANS Pen Test Challenge Coins (each with an integrated cipher challenge) based on your performance in the NetWars

5. CyberCity! The chance to hack a modern city, hone your skills, and protect the fictional citizens (inside a real, scale model city!) from the threat of nefarious cyber-attackers during SANS CyberCity Missions

6. Location! Austin, TX, is an amazing city filled with incredible live music, mouthwatering BBQ, and a robust nightlife for you and fellow students to enjoy!

7. You! If you like to break things, put them back together, find out how they work, and mimic the actions of real-world bad guys—all the while providing real business value to your organization—this event is for you!

“SEC460 has provided me the knowledge to build a great Vulnerability Management/Vulnerability Assessment Program that vendor courses couldn't provide.” - Eric Osmus, ConocoPhillips Company

"SEC560 provides practical, how-to material that I can use daily in my penetration testing activities--not only technically, but also from a business perspective." - Steve Nolan, General Dynamics

"SEC760 is the kind of training I could not get anywhere else. It is not just about theory; I was able to implement and exploit everything I learned." - Jenny Kitaichit, Intel

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