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ICS Security Summit & Training 2018

Orlando, FL | Mon, Mar 19 - Mon, Mar 26, 2018
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KIPS, Kaspersky Industrial Protection Simulation

  • Security Monopoly Game
  • Monday, February 23rd, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

KIPS, Kaspersky Industrial Protection Simulation, is essentially a "Security Monopoly" game for maximizing enterprise revenue while building an ICS security capability. It features a simulated water utility trying to accomplish its mission to produce and sell water to the community, while dealing with and resolving unexpected cyber events. Registered participants will form teams that will run the same water utility trying to outperform others. Every response a team makes will have a knock-on effect on the running of their plant, so participants need to analyze data and make decisions despite uncertain information and limited resources. Sounds like real life? That's the point.

The SANS ICS team played KIPS and felt that it was a fun and insightful simulation that will benefit participants. Participants get to make tough decisions with real-life trade-offs, balancing engineering, business, and security priorities against the cost of a realistic cyber attack.

Requirements: Please bring an iPad with an up-to-date Safari browser or a laptop equipped with the latest browser for team table play (not all participants will need one, but we are looking for one per team)

Registered participants will be asked to designate themselves as either a security specialists, engineer, or business/plant manager during registration check-in at the Summit.

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Bonus Sessions

The following bonus sessions are open to all paid attendees at no additional cost. There are many different types of events that fall into these categories:

Tuesday, March 20
Session Speaker Time Type
GIAC Certification Reception Tuesday, March 20th, 6:30pm - 8:00pm Reception