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London, United Kingdom | Mon, Nov 18 - Thu, Nov 21, 2019
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John Scott has worked as a technology trainer for 25 years, mostly in the further and higher education fields. Five years ago he moved into the Security Awareness field, running the security education programme for the Bank of England and driving behavioural and cultural change across physical, personnel and information security.

As a trainer, John quickly became aware that most people learn better when they understand why something is the case, rather than just following rote steps to complete a process. And if they understand that 'why', they'll be better able to make good judgements in situations that their formal training hasn't directly covered. This was true in software training, and is just as true in security awareness. John believes that a list of "do's and don'ts" can often be counterproductive to developing a just and secure culture in an organisation. What's important is to develop people's judgement skills.

John is a confident public speaker and presenter, often presenting in Europe on creating and driving security culture in organisations. He has been on the Advisory Board for the SANS Security Awareness Summits in both the US and Europe, as well as presenting on his work at both.

John Scott Will Be Teaching the Following Course: