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Enterprise Defense Summit 2019

Redondo Beach, CA | Mon, Jun 3 - Mon, Jun 10, 2019
This event is over,
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Operationalize Attack & Response Techniques at Scale

Operationalize Attack & Response Techniques at Scale

  • Experience two days of in-depth Summit presentations (June 3-4) and interactive discussions → VIEW SUMMIT AGENDA
  • Enhance your experience with a closely aligned, immersive SANS course (June 5-10) following the Summit → VIEW COURSES
  • Enjoy networking opportunities and community events

It’s all about scale.

There’s no shortage of cybersecurity tools, services, and frameworks to help an enterprise emulate, detect, and respond to adversaries. Many factors influence the design and maturity of a security program, but the most effective organizations make use of strategies that can scale across systems and environments.

The Enterprise Defense Summit will focus on attack emulation strategies and response techniques an organization can use to measurably improve its security program. Highly skilled practitioners and pen testers can get value from many tools, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), but only a subset of these can be operationalized at scale and yield real business impact. Top experts will show you which ones provide the most value and how they can be deployed within enterprise environments.

Topics covered include:

  • Using open-source tools to detect adversaries
  • Analyzing high-fidelity attack indicators and operationalizing threat intel for effective hunting
  • Prioritizing vulnerability management based on real-world attacker potential
  • Automation & orchestration for attack and response
  • Reducing technical debt in the enterprise
  • Using offense tools for defense
  • Finding and managing non-AD devices in your environment
  • Case studies detailing successes or failures in enterprise incident response
  • Empowering blue teams through adversary simulations

It's All About Scale! Succeeding in Enterprise Defense

For a glimpse of the content that will be covered, check out this webcast by summit co-chairs Alissa Torres and Jeff McJunkin

"There are tons of great, passionate security professionals, with loads of knowledge. Come to listen, and talk to people who are great at what they do." - Austin Shell, ATI

"With the vast range of expert presenters, everyone is guaranteed to come away with a new idea, program or method to apply in the workplace." - Anthony Smith, NEISD

"I saw my peers present topics and ideas I hadn't thought about before that really opened my mind." - Corey Belanger, Pulsar Security

Network with your peers and make invaluable connections

In addition to in-depth presentations on enterprise defense, the Summit allows you to network with your fellow participants during breaks and evening events. Attendees tell us time and again that one of their greatest takeaways from SANS Summits has been the many industry connections they’ve forged or strengthened during their time with us.

Summit Attendees

Bundle your Summit experience with a closely aligned course to expand your information security expertise

After the two-day Summit, choose from closely aligned, immersive information security courses to expand your expertise. All SANS courses are taught by experienced practitioners, among the best cybersecurity instructors in the world. They’ll provide you with guidance and all the skills you need to defend your organization from ever-evolving threats. Sign for both the Summit and a course, and you'll receive a $400 discount on your registration.