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DFIR Summit & Training 2018

Austin, TX | Thu, Jun 7 - Thu, Jun 14, 2018
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Forensic 4:cast Award Winners to be Announced at the DFIR Summit 2018

4:cast awards

Every year the Forensic 4:cast Awards celebrate the achievements of digital forensic investigators around the world by giving awards to those that have been deemed as worthy by their peers. There is no advisory panel, no interference in the voting process, all nominees and eventual winners are chosen by you, the DFIR community. The awards ceremony is then held at the SANS DFIR Summit in Austin, Texas. This year, the summit will be held on June 7 & 8, with classes beginning on June 9 at the Hilton Austin.

There is still time to cast your vote, you may only submit one set of votes. Any additional voting will be discounted. Voting will close at the end of the day on May 25, 2018. Any votes cast after this time will not be counted. To post your vote, please visit:

The top three nominees in each category will go through to the voting portion once nominations close on March 31, 2018. Voting will commence shortly thereafter. You can post as many nominations as you desire, but once voting commences, you can only post one vote in each category. This year the 4:cast Awards have added a new category: digital forensic resource of the year.

All categories are explained below.

  1. Software that has been created by the community, for the community. The source code is posted for review
  2. Forensic blogs are excellent ways of getting research and findings out into the community. Do you have a go-to blog that you read every day?
  3. The hardware that you may use for collecting or analyzing phone data.
  4. The software that you use to conduct your phone investigations.
  5. Write-blockers, All-in-one forensic units, storage units, encryption hardware.
  6. The software used to conduct your forensic investigations.
  7. Did you read a new DFIR book this year? If you did, consider nominating the author(s).
  8. Digital forensic resource of the year is a new category, so please pay attention. This is something that doesn’t quite fit into any of the other categories and has been added by request. This is an online resource, but not a blog, that helps to contribute to the community. This could be a news aggregator, a wiki, research repository, or something else.
  9. Is there a specific organization that has excelled in the last year? Be it their work in the field, teaching, products, or that their people are just plain awesome, this is the place to nominate.
  10. Does one person stand out in your mind as having been truly exceptional this last year? Is there one person that personifies digital forensics? If so, that person may warrant a nomination.

For more information visit: