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DFIR Summit & Training 2017

Austin, TX | Thu, Jun 22 - Thu, Jun 29, 2017
This event is over,
but there are more training opportunities.

Welcome to DFIR Summit & Training 2017

Welcome to DFIR Summit & Training 2017


Digital Forensics Summit 2017, Austin, Texas

Summit Co-Chairs: Rob Lee and Phil Hagen
CPE Credits: 16
Summit Dates: June 22-23, 2017
Training Course Dates: June 24-29, 2017

The 10th annual SANS Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) Summit is the most comprehensive DFIR event of the year, bringing together an influential group of experts, quality training, and industry networking opportunities in one place. Over the course of this eight-day training event, you'll enjoy:

  • Highly technical digital forensics and incident response presentations from the industry's top practitioners during the two-day Summit. Including:

Google Drive Forensics
Ashley Holtz, Crowdstrike
Johan Berrgren, Google
Incident Response in the Cloud (AWS)
Jonathon Poling, SecureWorks

  • Nine SANS DFIR courses to choose from to advance your training, build your arsenal of defenses, and learn how to better protect your organization
  • The opportunity to network with fellow attendees at receptions and community-building events
  • A DFIR NetWars tournament to sharpen your skills and solve incident-related challenges
Who Should Attend:

All levels of digital forensics and incident response professionals are welcome! Whether you're just starting your career, or are a seasoned forensicator, you will come away from the Summit with a new set of tools and methods to overcome your greatest professional challenges.

Why You Should Attend:

Every year, professionals from around the world attend the SANS DFIR Summit to learn how to overcome their latest obstacles, share methods and strategies proven effective in their investigations, and learn from the top DFIR practitioners in the industry.

You'll also have the opportunity to network with other like-minded DFIR professionals at our community-building events, which are the perfect way to connect in a more casual setting and cultivate relationships--all while having fun!

If you work in digital forensics and/or incident response, the SANS DFIR Summit is a must. Don't miss your opportunity to attend!

DFIR Summit Sneak Peek
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What Attendees Say About Their Summit Experiences:

Attendees tell us one of the greatest takeaways from this Summit is the many industry connections they forge or deepen during their time with us.

"The SANS DFIR Summit is regularly the most technical and highest value forensics focused conference I've attended. It is always my #1!" - Alex Bond, Mandiant

"This continues to be my favorite conference to attend. It's my chance to refresh, renew and rebuild my DFIR spirit - all with awesome talks, people and networking." - Frank McClain, Red Canary

"The world's best DFIR networking opportunity." - John McCash, Northern Trust

"The speakers and content at DFIR Summit are great. The experience drives me to explore tools and techniques I would possibly be unaware of were it not for this SANS event." - John Miller, FICO

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Digital Forensics Summit Advisory Board

The Digital Forensics Summit Advisory Board evaluates proposed talks, mentors selected speakers, and works to develop an agenda that delivers actionable content.