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DFIR Summit

Austin, TX | Tue, Jul 7 - Tue, Jul 14, 2015
This event is over,
but there are more training opportunities.


The Summit always presents current topics and the speakers are top notch.
Joseph Garcia, NYPD Computer Crime Squad

A great way to quickly learn new tools and techniques and make connections with other professionals in the field.
Mike Pilkington

The amount of information you get in 2 days is amazing. You can't beat it anywhere!

This is a meeting of the greatest minds in DFIR. I was so impressed with the supportive community and feel I have made long-lasting friends plus fellow security partners.
Pete Hainlen, Mayo Clinic

Exposure to areas of Digital Forensics I had not seen yet.
Clayton Hoskinson, CTM

The SANS DFIR Summit is regularly the most technical and highest value forensics focused conference I've attended. It is always my #1!
Alex Bond, Mandiant

The best people in the field discuss the most relevant topics!

The SANS DFIR summit is one of few conferences where the subject matter is focused on forensics and all the content is at the practitioner level. The technical skill is high and not just executive level.
Alex Bond, Mandiant

Highly focused content plus excellent face to networking opportunities is a win!
Paul Bobby, Lockheed Martin

This is truly a wonderful event, with great content and people and just the right amount of crazy. :)
Frank McClain, Prime Lending

The Summit is a great way to get to know leaders, newcomers, and everyone in between. The networking at a smaller conference like this is worth it alone - and the presentations make it much more valuable. Always a great time.
Stacey Edwards, The Sylint Group

A good place to see the new techniques and solutions people are coming up with.
Jonathan Tomozak, TZ Works

And don't forget about DFIR NetWars!