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Dallas Fall 2020 - Live Online

Virtual, US Central | Mon, Oct 19 - Sat, Oct 24, 2020

Live Online Cyber Security Training

Live Online Cyber Security Training

Practical Courses • Expert Instruction • Cyber Range Challenges

  • Interactive, live-stream courses → VIEW COURSES
  • Real-time support from virtual TAs
  • Dedicated chat channels for networking
  • Online CTF events and NetWars Tournaments


    SANS Live Online: Interactive Cyber Security Training Delivered Online from Anywhere

    At SANS, our mission remains steady. We continue to deliver relevant cyber security knowledge and skills, empowering students to protect people and their assets. Register for SANS Dallas Fall 2020 - Live Online (CDT), and continue to build practical cyber security skills you can implement immediately.

    “The training has been excellent for helping to understand the technical details of attacks used by adversaries today.” – Chris Goepfert, Mercedes

    SANS Live Online Events Feature:

    • Practical cyber security training delivered directly from your course instructor
    • Hands-on labs in a virtual environment
    • Courses include electronic and printed books
    • Four months of online access to the archive of your course lectures uploaded to your account daily during the event

    “Leave it to SANS to find a way to present a world-class Live Online learning experience! I've always gone to SANS as my vendor-of-choice for onsite training, but I am now just as likely to select SANS Live Online for my future training needs. The Live Online experience was just as effective in presenting valuable material in a superb format, and the instructor and staff were excellent in creating a classroom environment with the tools available to them (GoToMeeting, Slack, & Skype). Taking the course Live Online (as opposed to onsite) did not diminish my experience one bit. If anything, I think I may have had an even better learning experience, and surprisingly gained closer camaraderie with my classmates!” - Harold Stockton, Global Payments Inc.

    NetWars - Image

    Students enrolled in eligible North America Live Training events will be able to participate in exclusive Virtual NetWars Tournaments. Paid course registrants will receive an email invitation for applicable challenges, so after you register for a course, keep your eye on your inbox.

    Additionally, we’ve extended our free community cyber range schedule through the end of the year with new challenges available each month! Visit our blog for registration details and schedule.

    “NetWars is challenging for all levels of expertise, has great hints if you get stuck, and promotes continuous education.” - Jon-Michael Lacek, Wegmans Food Markets