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CyberCon 2013

Online | Mon, Apr 22 - Sat, Apr 27, 2013

Welcome to CyberCon 2013

  • 7 Courses
  • 7 Instructors
  • 4 Disciplines

Flexibility: Train from your Location

SANS CyberCon 2013 allows you to train in an Online classroom.
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What is SANS CyberCon?

SANS CyberCon is a live online training event that meets in virtual classrooms, allowing students to interact directly with their classmates and instructors. SANS CyberCon students attend popular courses that are taught online by SANS' top instructors. Students also have the opportunity to attend daily bonus sessions that discuss current topics in information security. In short, SANS CyberCon is perfect for professionals who wish to keep their skills current but cannot travel due to personal or professional commitments!

Why Choose SANS CyberCon?
  • Flexible - get the training you need without neglecting your family and work obligations
  • Zero travel costs - easier to get approved and ideal for individuals with no travel budget
  • Archive access - all class sessions are recorded and can be replayed for four months
  • CyberCon is a great way to spend voucher dollars