SANS 2021 features 30+ Interactive Courses, Three NetWars Tournaments, Trivia Night, and Bonus Talks. Save $150 thru Tomorrow!

Cyber Defense Initiative® 2014

Washington, DC | Wed, Dec 10 - Fri, Dec 19, 2014
This event is over,
but there are more training opportunities.

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NewSEC562: CyberCity Hands-on Kinetic Cyber Range Exercise
Instructor: Tim Medin
Sold OutSEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp Style    
SEC504: Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling
Instructor: John Strand
Sold OutFOR408: Windows Forensic Analysis
Instructor: Mike Pilkington
SEC542: Web App Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking
Instructor: Eric Conrad
SEC503: Intrusion Detection In-Depth
Instructor: Mike Poor
MGT512: SANS Security Leadership Essentials For Managers with Knowledge Compression™
Instructor: G. Mark Hardy
WaitlistFOR610: Reverse-Engineering Malware: Malware Analysis Tools and Techniques
Instructor: Jake Williams
WaitlistMGT414: SANS® +S™ Training Program for the CISSP® Certification Exam
Instructor: Paul A. Henry
FOR508: Advanced Digital Forensics and Incident Response
Instructor: Chad Tilbury
WaitlistSEC660: Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploit Writing, and Ethical Hacking
Instructor: Stephen Sims
SEC505: Securing Windows with the Critical Security Controls
Instructor: Jason Fossen
WaitlistAUD507: Auditing & Monitoring Networks, Perimeters & Systems
Instructor: David Hoelzer
SEC501: Advanced Security Essentials - Enterprise Defender
Instructor: Bryce Galbraith
SEC566: Implementing and Auditing the Critical Security Controls - In-Depth
Instructor: James Tarala
Sold OutSEC575: Mobile Device Security and Ethical Hacking    
WaitlistSEC301: Intro to Information Security     
MGT433: Securing The Human: How to Build, Maintain and Measure a High-Impact Awareness Program
Instructor: Lance Spitzner
SEC580: Metasploit Kung Fu for Enterprise Pen Testing
Instructor: Eric Conrad
MGT415: A Practical Introduction to Risk Assessment
Instructor: James Tarala
ICS410: ICS/SCADA Security Essentials
Instructor: Matthew Luallen
HOSTED: Physical Penetration Testing - Introduction
Instructor: The CORE Group
Core NetWars Tournament
Instructor: Jeff McJunkin
Sold OutDFIR NetWars Tournament        
A Night of Crypto
Instructor: G. Mark Hardy
An Introduction to PowerShell for Security Assessments
Instructor: James Tarala
Attacking and Defending Building Automation Systems at Scale: A Case Study
Instructor: Billy Rios
Continuous Ownage: Why you Need Continuous Monitoring
Instructor: Eric Conrad
Debunking the Complex Password Myth
Instructor: Keith Palmgren
Everything They Told Me About Security Was Wrong
Instructor: John Strand
General Session- Welcome to SANS
Instructor: Dr. Eric Cole
Gone in 60 Minutes: Have You Patched Your System Today?
Instructor: David Hoelzer
Home-Field Advantage: Hunting the Advanced Persistent Threat by Interdicting their Tactics with Network Traps & Snares
Instructor: Matthew Toussain - Master's Degree Candidate
Introduction to IDA Pro and Debugging
Instructor: Stephen Sims
IT Security meets Research: Lessons from NASA's Science Labs
Instructor: Joel Offenberg, Vantage Systems, Inc.
NetWars Tournament of Champions
Instructor: Ed Skoudis & Tim Medin
SANS Technology Institute Graduation
Instructor: Alan Paller, Sally Vandeven
SANS Technology Institute Reception and Information Session
Instructor: Bill Lockhart, Executive Director, SANS Technology Institute
Securing The Kids
Instructor: Lance Spitzner
Security Awareness Metrics: Measuring Human Behavior
Instructor: Lance Spitzner
The 13 Absolute Truths of Security
Instructor: Keith Palmgren
The Threat Landscape of PKI: System and Cryptographic Security of X.509, Algorithms, and their Implementations.
Instructor: Blaine Hein- Master's Degree Candidate
Windows Exploratory Surgery with Process Hacker
Instructor: Jason Fossen
Women In Technology Reception