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CloudSecNext Summit & Training 2021 - Live Online

Virtual, US Eastern | Tue, Jun 1 - Sat, Jun 12, 2021

Speaker Biographies

AJ Yawn @AjYawn, Co-Founder and CEO, ByteChek

AJ Yawn is Co-Founder and CEO at ByteChek. AJ has earned 6 AWS certifications including the AWS Solutions Architect-Professional and AWS Security-Specialty. Prior to ByteChek, AJ spent over a decade in the cybersecurity industry both in the US Army and as a consultant.

Anna McAbee, Solutions Architect, Security at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Anna McAbee is a Security Specialist Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). She consults AWS customers on threat detection and incident response for their AWS environments. Before joining AWS, Anna worked as an AWS customer in financial services in a variety of security roles on both the offensive and defensive sides of cyber security.

Ash Narkar @ashtalk, Software Engineer at Styra | Maintainer - Open Policy Agent

Ash Narkar is a maintainer of the Open Policy Agent project. Ash has over 5 years of experience working on large-scale distributed systems. Ash is a Senior Software Engineer at Styra, Inc. working on OPA development and integrations. Previously he was a Principal Engineer at Verizon Labs where he worked on their IoT platform. Ash also worked as a Software Engineer at Cyan, Inc. where he contributed to the core components of their SDN platform. Ash has presented the OPA project at KubeCon, Open Source Summit, Kubernetes meetups, and more.

Ashwin Patil, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center

Ashwin Patil works as Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center and has over 10 years of experience entirely focused on Security monitoring and Incident Response defending enterprise networks. In his current role, he primarily works on threat hunting and detection research across cloud and on-premise data sources.

Atef Abdelkefi, CISO/Lead security Architect - Danish Account, IBM

Atef Abdelkefi is an experienced professional in the field of cyber-security with a PhD from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Atef has 10 years of architecture, consultancy and R&D experience in Cyber Security including: creating security strategy and roadmap, designing security solutions, performing security risk and compliance assessments and designing and formulating security standards. Atef contributed to various security transformation programs for enterprises in Financial, Insurance, Telecommunications, Energy and Manufacturing sectors in multiple security domains ranging from on-premise, to hybrid and multi-cloud, to OT devices security. Atef is currently supporting IBM Danish account as IBM CISO and Lead Security Architect in their cyber security journey. Prior to that, Atef has working as a security consultant in multiple countries such as Norway, UK and Qatar. In his spare time, Atef is preparing an Executive MBA and holding guest lecturers at NTNU.

Blake Strom @stromcoffee, Principal Security Researcher, Microsoft

Blake is a Principal Security Researcher on the Microsoft 365 Defender team where he's developing new methods of correlating adversary behavior across various signals. Previously at MITRE, he co-founded and led ATT&CK, led the research and open-source release of CALDERA to automate adversary emulation, and helped stand up ATT&CK Evaluations.

Barak Schoster Goihman @BarakSchoster, CTO, Co-founder, Bridgecrew

Barak Schoster @BarakSchoster is CTO and Co-founder at Bridgecrew, working from Israel Tel Aviv, Helping teams secure cloud infrastructure. Often contributing to open source projects including Checkov, AirIAM, Terragoat, Prowler, and others. He has previously worked for RSA focused on cybersecurity machine learning and big data architecture as well as at Fortscale and IDF tech unit.

Bryan Langston @LangstonBryan, Director, Cloud Architecture, Mirantis

Bryan Langston is Director of Cloud Architecture and has been with Mirantis for six years. Other roles he's had in Mirantis include Director of Architecture and product manager for Mirantis' Operations and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) products. Prior to joining Mirantis, Bryan worked at IBM Research for 17 years where he built a Linux supercomputer for web-scale crawling, indexing and mining, and led multiple first-of-a-kind projects in the cloud computing space.

Daniel Tobin @dant24, Security Lead, Cyral Inc

Daniel Tobin is currently Security Lead for Cyral, a data layer security startup. He has previously spoken at DerbyCon, BSidesSF and Shellcon. Previously he was Director of Security, DevOps and IT at a fintech startup with $1.5 trillion in AUM and has been in the space for 15+ years.

Eric Kaiser, Security Engineer, Uptycs

Eric Kaiser is a Security Engineer at Uptycs, focused on endpoint and cloud security. He has a deep passion for system-level security, and in his spare time is an amateur motorcycle rider and mechanic, a runner, and an avid traveler.

Jamie Williams @jamieantisocial, Lead Cyber Adversarial Engineer, The MITRE Corporation

Jamie works on various exciting efforts involving security operations and research, specializing in adversary emulation and behavior-based detections. He also leads teams that help shape and deliver the “adversary-touch” within MITRE ATT&CK® and ATT&CK Evaluations.

Jason Dyke @jasonadyke, Principal Cloud Security Consultant, ScaleSec

Jason Dyke is a security consultant helping startups and fortune 500 companies stay secure in the cloud. Specializing in GCP and AWS, he has over a decade of experience applying industry-standard best practices to protect your data and keep your users safe.

Jay Beale @jaybeale, CTO, InGuardians

Jay Beale works on Kubernetes and cloud native security, both as a professional threat actor and as a member of the Kubernetes project, where he previously co-led the Security Audit working group. He's the architect of the Peirates attack tool for Kubernetes, as well as of the @Bustakube Kubernetes cluster.

Jeremy Axmacher @jcaxmacher, Lead Cloud Operations Engineer, Presidio

Jeremy Axmacher is a Cloud Engineer who loves building in the cloud and all things cloud security. He's worked in large enterprises and technology services firms. He loves to develop tools that help enable those around him.

John Pescatore @john_pescatore, Director of Emerging Security Trends, SANS Institute

John Pescatore joined SANS as Director of Emerging Security Trends in January 2013 with 35 years of experience in computer, network and information security. He was Gartner’s Lead Security Analyst for 13 years, working with global 5000 corporations and major technology and service providers. Prior to joining Gartner Inc. in 1999, Pescatore was Senior Consultant for Entrust Technologies and Trusted Information Systems. Prior to that, Pescatore spent 11 years with GTE developing secure computing systems. Pescatore began his career at the National Security Agency, where he designed secure voice systems and at the United States Secret Service, where he developed secure communications and surveillance systems. He holds a BSEE from the University of Connecticut and is an NSA Certified Cryptologic Engineer.

Jonathan Adler, Security Consultant, F-Secure Consulting

Jonathan is a Security Consultant at F-Secure Consulting where he delivers offensive and defensive security engagements with a focus on helping clients secure their AWS estates. Prior to joining F-Secure, Jonathan designed and implemented cloud-native infrastructure on AWS for venture-backed U.S. startups.

Kat Traxler, Security Specialist, Best Buy Co

Kat Traxler is a Security Professional in the Twin Cities performing penetration testing, security architecture and research in the areas of Web Security, IAM, Payment Technologies and Cloud Native Technologies. She has been a proud SANS facilitator since 2016 and currently holds GIAC-GSEC, GIAC-GCWN and GIAC-GDAT certifications. Kat Traxler is obsessed with the attack surface at the confluence of Identity and Cloud Platform APIs and thinks you should be too.

Larry Brandt, Founder, Envision Cyber

Larry is an IT professional with over 20 years’ experience. He is currently the founder of Envision Cyber, a security consulting and managed services provider based in the DFW area. Larry likes to catch degrees and certificates like they are Pokémon. You can see more of his information and connect at

Madhu Akula @madhuakula, Security Engineer, Miro

Madhu Akula is the creator of Kubernetes Goat, an intentionally vulnerable by design Kubernetes Cluster to learn and practice Kubernetes Security. Also published author and Cloud Native security architect with extensive experience. Also, he is an active member of the international security, DevOps, and Cloud Native communities (null, DevSecOps, AllDayDevOps, etc). Holds industry certifications like OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional), CKA (Certified KubernetesAdministrator), etc. Madhu frequently speaks and runs training sessions at security events and conferences around the world including DEFCON (24, 26 & 27), BlackHat USA (2018 & 19),USENIX LISA (2018 & 19), O’Reilly Velocity EU 2019, GitHub Satellite 2020, Appsec EU (2018 & 19), All Day DevOps (2016, 17, 18, 19 & 20), DevSecCon (London,Singapore, Boston), DevOpsDays India, c0c0n(2017, 18), Nullcon (2018, 19), SACON 2019, Serverless Summit, null and multiple others His research has identified vulnerabilities in over 200+ companies and organizations including; Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, eBay, AT&T, WordPress, NTOP and Adobe, etc, and credited with multiple CVE’s, Acknowledgements, and rewards. He is co-author of Security Automation with Ansible2 (ISBN-13: 978-1788394512), which is listed as a technical resource by Red Hat Ansible, and Technical reviewer for Learn Kubernetes Security book. Also won 1st prize for building Infrastructure Security Monitoring solution at InMobi flagship hackathon among 100+engineering teams.

Magno Logan @magnologan, Information Security Specialist, Trend Micro

Magno Logan works as an Information Security Specialist for Trend Micro. He specializes in Cloud, Container and Application Security Research, Threat Modelling and Red Teaming. He has been tapped as a resource speaker for numerous security conferences around the globe. He is also a member of the CNCF SIG-Security team.

Peter Bryan @MSSPete, Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center

Pete Bryan is a senior software engineer in the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center. His work involves security research to develop new ways to detect security threats, as well as helping customers and respond to security incidents. Prior to this role his career was working in security analysis and incident response.

Phillip Marlow @wolramp, Lead Agile Systems Engineer, MITRE

Phillip Marlow is a cybersecurity and DevOps engineer. He helps organizations understand how adopting DevOps practices increases their security, not just their delivery speed. Phillip holds several security, cloud, and agile certifications and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Information Security Engineering at SANS Technology Institute.

Ryan Nolette @sonofagl1tch, Security Technical Lead, Postman

Ryan is Postman's Security Tech lead and CoAuthor of AWS Detective. He has previously held a variety of roles, including threat research, incident response consulting, and every level of security operations. Ryan has been on the product and operations side of companies such as Amazon AWS, Sqrrl, and Carbon Black.

Tunde Olu-Isa @getTunde, Managing Consultant (Software Engineer), Oteemo

Tunde is a Managing Consultant at Oteemo. Prior to Oteemo, Tunde worked at VMware, Heptio as an SRE and IBM as a DevOps Engineer. He helped build highly performant distributed systems, provided recommendations and advice on best practices on open source projects, and worked with teams to help maintain a DevOps culture. Tunde has hosted and spoken at several meetups across the globe (USA and Nigeria) and written blogs targeted towards Kubernetes audiences and open source projects. He is also a contributor to kubernetes and several open source projects.

Vidya Gopalakrishnan @vidya_gkrishnan, Security Engineer, Palo Alto Networks

Vidya Gopalakrishnan is a Security Engineer with the Palo Alto Networks. She leads the threat hunting program within their SOC. She was nominated for the “Cyber Rising Star” award by the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu in 2019 and has a passion to find threats in the wild. She has close to 5 years of experience working in Blue Team Operation roles and holds a Masters degree in Information Security from Carnegie Mellon.

Zinet Kemal, Information Security Engineer, State of MN

Zinet is an Information Security Engineer, serving with the evaluation of security measures to ensure that citizen’s data is protected and safe. Zinet worked as an IT Auditor. She has bachelor’s degree in computer science and pursuing a master’s degree in Cybersecurity. Zinet is certified with CCSK, CISA, CySA+, Security+, and AWS CCP