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Cloud INsecurity Summit - DC

Crystal City, VA | Fri, Jun 8, 2018
This event is over,
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Cloud INsecurity Summit:

Cloud INsecurity Summit:

Avoiding the Top 10 Mistakes in Designing AWS Infrastructure and Applications


Summit Chair: Ben Hagen
CPEs: 8

Cloud-based services are becoming increasingly more attractive to organizations as they offer cost savings, flexibility, and increased operational efficiency. However, protecting systems, applications, and data in the cloud presents a new set of challenges for organizations to overcome. If done well, security in the cloud can represent an environment that is, in a very practical sense, more secure than its counterpart in a physical data center. If done poorly, the risks associated with this approach can often outweigh the benefits.

This Summit will bring together a unique combination of real-world user experiences and case studies, and practical, technical training oriented on specific approaches and skills for building a secure AWS-based environment… all in a single-day format.

Sessions will feature practitioners providing examples and case studies from their real-world experience of building out and scaling secure architectures at a diverse set of organizations.

Learn how to avoid the Top 10 AWS Security Risks

  1. Insecure use of developer credentials
  2. Publicly accessible S3 buckets
  3. Improper use of default configurations
  4. Access controls do not follow principles of least privilege
  5. Misconfigured network constructs
  6. Lack of appropriate logging and monitoring
  7. Lack of inventory management
  8. Domain hijacking
  9. Lack of a disaster recovery plan
  10. Manual account configuration

Who Should Attend

  • Security personnel who are tasked with designing, implementing and supporting applications in an AWS environment
  • Network and systems administrators who need to understand how to architect, secure and maintain these same applications
  • Technical auditors and consultants who need to gain a deeper understanding of cloud computing and security concerns within AWS
  • Security and IT leaders who need to understand the risks of cloud computing in AWS and advise business management of the risks and various approaches
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Cloud INsecurity Summit