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Southern California - Anaheim 2017

Anaheim, CA | Mon, Feb 6 - Sat, Feb 11, 2017
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Birds of a Feather or...

  • Mark Williams
  • Wednesday, February 8th, 7:15pm - 8:15pm

Privacy and Security are clearly close cousins if not siblings. However there are certain "truths" that are immutable with regard to the differences between the two.

In this talk, the author will explore the divide, and how it has influenced structure within the Security Program and the Privacy Program. We will also discuss what is needed to move ahead in a world where Privacy and Security must learn to not only coexist, but to build a more synergistic relationship if we are to accomplish the objectives of both.

Where do operational paths cross for these two high profile programs, and how can the paths be negotiated so that they parallel one another as closely as possible?

  • Legislation for Privacy and how it impacts Security
  • Security touchstones and best practices and how they impact Privacy
  • Brining these two together, how do we do it, and what are the basic steps required?
  • Can we meet operational needs of the organization and still have both Privacy and Security?

Bonus Sessions

The following bonus sessions are open to all paid attendees at no additional cost. There are many different types of events that fall into these categories:

  • SANS@Night: Evening presentations given after day courses have ended. This category includes Keynotes.
  • Special Events: SANS-hosted events and other non-technical recreational offerings. This category includes, but is not limited to, Receptions and Information Tables.
Monday, February 6
Session Speaker Time Type
General Session - Welcome to SANS Keith Palmgren Monday, February 6th, 8:00am - 8:30am Special Events
An Interactive Look at Cyber Crime & Today's Threat Landscape James Lyne & Stephen Sims Monday, February 6th, 7:15pm - 9:15pm Keynote
Tuesday, February 7
Session Speaker Time Type
(Am)Cache Rules Everything Around Me Eric Zimmerman Tuesday, February 7th, 7:15pm - 8:15pm SANS@Night
Wednesday, February 8
Session Speaker Time Type
Birds of a Feather or... Mark Williams Wednesday, February 8th, 7:15pm - 8:15pm SANS@Night
Thursday, February 9
Session Speaker Time Type
The 14 Absolute Truths of Security Keith Palmgren Thursday, February 9th, 7:15pm - 8:15pm SANS@Night